Monday, July 1, 2019




America, America, a land of great wonders!
America attracts people with or without money.
Comfort, success, wealth hoping to find
Free brotherhood here strive to gain.
And everything is great in the beautiful country,
Lucky not all dreamers, but I was lucky here!
Wonderful San Francisco, not a city, but a dream!
Misty and not close, beauty of Bay Bridge.
Here Hollywood sparkles in beautiful, bright sparkles,
And the "stars" lights on the world stage.
I remember America completely different...
Off the west bank washed by the wave of big ocean
What we call Quiet.
And while there is no deception, in which we all live!
I hope the story will turn a lie,
And all phantasmagoria the wind will blow!


Huge gray bird
We fly over the ground,
I can't sleep in flight
In flight, you are with me.
With me, my faithful friend,
With me, dear son.
How sad to live, probably
When completely alone.
Distances are not scary
Foreign language, country,
Would have a date
She is friendly!
Perhaps so made up
To connect us.
Two sisters, two Slavs
Dream to live together!
Sacred loyalty and friendship
And dedication to ideals.
No closer, more dear to us than Cuba,
She won a victory!
Victory over slave violence
And the onslaught of malice from outside,
Over colonial domination,
Those in power in the country.
As the Island of Liberty beckons us,
Mysterious land more fun and happier people
I have never met anywhere.
Lovers on Malecon,
More picturesque landscapes of all!
Here everything is in harmony:
And dancing, and rum, and laughter...
Life is complex and sometimes fleeting,
Go around a hundred lands
These names will live forever -
Marty, Che Guevara, Fidel!


I tore off two red poppies
At the foot of Toledo,
And gave my heart to the country
Under the bright blue sky.
The garden is fragrant in the Alhambra,
On the walls is lace knitting,
I feel happiness with a sinking heart
And go inside, praying...
There are two intertwined beliefs,
The palaces are built on a grand scale,
Mosques, temples are rushing up,
Praising God and Allah!
In the country of "flamenco" life is a joy,
Store the traditions of the centuries,
Seville, Cordoba, Granada
European Union touched lightly.
As a traveler, thirsty tormented,
I aspire to capture everything!
Madrid and a grove of oranges,
You managed to warm me up!


LARISSA  AYVAZYAN (Lara Ayvazyan): Born on September 21, 1955 in town of Borschev, the USSR, Russian, femail. In 1978 graduated from the Moscow State Institute of Culture (specialization – foreign children’s literature). As a singer appeared with concerts in Russia and abroad (the USA, Sweden, Bulgaria). Released 14 musical albums. Her songs are on the air at various Russian and foreign radio stations. Along with musical career has been writing poems. Her pieces of poetry were printed in internet poetry magazine “New Literature”. She is the Member of International Association of Writers and Artists (IWA). In February, 2016 her new edition of poems “Age of Happiness” was brought out. In January, 2019 another edition of poems “Second wind” was published. Lara Ayvazyan has been appearing with her songs and poems at a number of  Moscow stages.

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