Monday, July 1, 2019




Please leave your window open
Rain birds will come with morning breeze
Birds will sing a journey of love

Open the door
East wind, north with, south wind, west wind
Come with secret steps

A solitary wayfarer, in this deserted street
Now you ask
What is the time

Our desires are plenty
Keeping our words behind
In this morning sea of silence

Our Drowsy murmur
And the winds
Lifeless cadaver lies serenely…
©Asoke Kumar Mitra, July 2019


Your untamed madness
That evening, in the thin drizzle
Over the mountain, clouds flying
Our heart’s half-light abyss
Long shadow of trees
Flawless illusion
You fell asleep like a child

Cries of night birds
A dream that mocks me
The darkness deepens
Wet earth in our cupped palms
Endless darkness swallowed up the stars

That evening my fingers moved
To touch her hair
Grew inner impatience
Was a beautiful mistake
Trembling in the endless darkness

Your untamed madness
Asking, where is the love
We felt once?
© Asoke Kumar Mitra, May, 2019


Your Melody, melts into one sweet harmony-
Sound of flute and violin
Spreads wings endless
My heart longs to join
Melts into your melody

My dreams spread wings
Across the seven seas
Your melody breaks
Rain clouds have come to my window
With the murmur of fallen leaves

Far away from my heart
You keep gazing on the far-away mountain
Your melody brings no sleep tonight
Dark clouds over the sky
And it rains ceaselessly

Your melody burning me
With the fire of desire
I have fallen asleep in the midnight rain
With your melody
© Asoke Kumar Mitra, June, 2019


ASOKE KUMAR MITRA: From Kolkata, India. Born 1950, from Kolkata, India, studied at Hindu school and St. Xavier’s College, Kolkata. He is a retired journalist and was editor of “CALCUTTA CANVAS” and “INDUS CHRONICLE”. He is a bilingual poet. He has contributed to various anthologies published in India and abroad. His poems are translated into Hindi, Punjabi, Italian, French, German, Polish, Persian, Arabic, Hebrew, Malay, Mandarin, Romanian, Spanish, Azerbaijani, Russian, Uzbek, Kirghiz, Greek, Swedish, Chinese, Catalan. “SAVAGE WIND” is his poetry book, published form Kolkata, India, a bilingual edition, translated into Spanish by Mexican poet Josep Juarez.
 Poetry, photography, paintings are his passions.

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