Monday, July 1, 2019




In silence I sit!
I'm at ease!
I'm at peace with me!
What will I hear?
What will I see?
What experience is waiting for me?
Silence is golden I've been told!
How can that be?
It was a mystery to me!
Then suddenly I knew!
It was definitely true!
How do I explain to you?

Floods of thoughts,
Creative and new,
Come rushing through!
My soul refreshed anew,
Divinely inspired it's true!
In Silence God speaks to me and you!
© Mary Lynn Luiz-May 20, 2019
All Rights Reserved by Poet


I lay here in the dark tonight,
Wondering, did I do anything right!
I took the neighbor’s dog for a walk,
Because I knew she expected me to!
I gave the man on the street corner $10.00,
Because the man before me only gave him two!
At the drugstore, a lady was digging in her purse,
for money to pay for her pills,
so being in a hurry I paid the rest of her bill!
I took the kids to the park and let them play, otherwise
they would say, I did not spend any time with them today!
Then my wife asked me to wash the car,
how inconsiderate of her, had I not done enough today so far?
Then I heard God say,
I'm not impressed!
For everything you did
was out of self-centeredness!
Nothing you did was worth anything to Me!
Caring only about the impressions of you, others would see!
Lord forgive me, my actions this day.
If tomorrow comes,
Help me to say,
Everything I did today,
was for You, A Love Bouquet!
© Mary Lynn Luiz-May 23, 2019 -All Rights Reserved by Poet


The King of Glory reigns over my soul.
I've given Him full and complete control!
I've never a doubt for in my heart,
I know that He will never depart!

The moment I asked Him and He came in,
He cleansed my heart and freed me from sin!
Now my heart overflows with Joy and Peace,
As upon His word I continually feast!

In His Holy Word, His promises unfold,
I hunger and thirst, seeking to know Him more
His attributes are made clear to me.
As His love and will are revealed to me!

I stand in awe of His Magnificence,
I praise and worship in His Presence!
Bowing in humbleness,
I confess my faults and weaknesses.

The King of Glory, will always remain the same,
The Great "I Am" Holy and Righteous His name to proclaim!
From generation to generation, His Truth is known!
Amazing Grace flows to us from God Almighty's Throne!
© Mary Lynn Luiz - May 29, 2019
All Rights Reserved by Poet


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  1. These are excellent poems. I really like the flow of the words and impact of the messages. They are very inspiring. Great job my dear sister. Blessings always!