Monday, July 1, 2019




In a space where snowflakes rule

Peaks are covered in snow

That falls from the sky

As in a faerie tale

Slow and dense snowfall

Over the green forest

Even the silence falls asleep

In the soft arms of the moss

A stream run

Waters whisper in a meditation

Beside the white rocks

That contemplate the silence

Across the valley,in the glade

Over the enchanting landscape

In the silence of the morning,

It’s snowing,it’s snowing!

A loud crack in the woods,

It’s echo is floating above

The white and grey chests

Till it finds it’s hidden place.

The time is passing,new cracks come

The noise is breaking the silence

The spruces here have their beloved fate

Of freedom in the wind

Everything looks like a symphony

In the ruthless winter frost

The xilophone in its harmony

Breaks the silence yet again!

The snow is falling slowly

Down from the bent unchanging leaves

To the ground,to make some noise

But Nature keeps her silence!


Look to the blossoming flowers

They bathe in the shapes and colors

Blessing for the eye of the beholder.

Feel their smooth fragrances

They’ll make your day

Just without to know it.

See how they display their candor,

Anytime, even in the sunset

The flowers can teach you about love

Deep inside your heart, you may seek

And protect the inner flowers.

Then offer it to the Divine.

He loves you, He knows your own failures!


As a devoted mother,

This flourishing Earth

Is scattering the candour

Under the same blazing sun.

As a devoted mother,

Her breast is an immortal source

Of precious sustenance

That turns life into a bliss.

The Earth,our devoted mother

Loves and nourishes us,

Although she is angry with us

When the earthquakes shake the land.

It’s too much for her sometimes

To endure all the bad things

We are doing to her.

She is teaching us lessons.


Holy beam,

Beam of light,


Spring of love.

Rainbow of a summer day

Full of candour

You come from faraway

As a flavor of the sky

You bring us the chance

You help the soul reach

To the golden peaks of light

In the realm of the Divine

For the light in the eyes

Sparkling with love,

Can worship still

The sacred vibrations

Although it does not feel it,

The heart never lies

It seeks deep inside

But God is in your mind

So,you must be good,

Have to take care

And you’ll feel God inside you,

Yes, The Master of the Universe


The great leafy weeping willow stands

When the river banks let sunrays pervade

Its blade-like leaves flow as thick tresses,

Wind blows along the branches,a wild song.

A blonde splendour with her waving hair

Spreads the tenderness in a charming smile,

The foamy water spring breaks the silence

That wrapped the amazing apparition of this girl.

She likes to wriggle her body as the willow twig,

Her sweet voice is a spell in the air around,

The fluttering wings of swallows

Cast a shadow under the blue painted sky.

The golden willow boughs are swinging

In the breeze that touches the gorgeous girl’s hair,

Her handsome stature is caressed by my glances,

I enjoy the nature’s wonder and keep my love alive.


Diamantine sparkles of the sunbeams

Born of dewdrops on a flower,

A twittering orchestra in perfect harmony,

These are all gifts,a splendid reign of the nature.

I would like to see how the sunbeams in the forest

Warm the rangers,all those amazing men,

Making them smile every day

Full of joy and happiness.

When the sunbeams touch the ground

The thick old forests come to a new life,

And rangers’souls taste the feeling

Of witnessing Genesis.

The past reborn...

As a free pigeon in flight,

The priceless strenght of the heart

Proves its new way of life,

Rangers,just unleash your love

And offer it to all the beings around.



TOTH ARPAD (penname Artangel) is a prominent poet and writer in contemporary Romania. He was born in Săcele, Braşov, where he finished his first grades then he moved to Covasna County where he will become, as a student, a literary award winner in the poetry and Romanian language and literature competitions and olympics, in Păpăuţi and Târgu-Secuiesc. His academic background includes two university degrees, Civil Law and Silviculture. His profession is Forestry Engineer, now he is comissioned Technical Secretary at the Forest District of Comandău. Married to Rozalia and father of Beata Beatrix, Toth Arpad is also very active in the field of literature. He published more than a dozen of books and his works were highly-praised by readers and critics. His most popular work is „Man’s Close Encounters with the Brown Bear” book series. In 2014 he was awarded the collective prize for The Best Literary Magazine of the Year” granted by IPTRC Chongqing, China. On October 13, 2016 the author gave an interview to Romania National News Radio Station (RRA) answering about his literary works and personal experience in the wild.

DRAGOŞ BARBU is an award-winning translator and author in contemporary Romania. He was born in Braşov. He has done a large number of translations and was awarded ”The Best International Translator of the Year” (2008, 2011), prizes granted by International Poetry Translation and Research Centre, Chongqing, China. As a prose author he was awarded Merit Prize (2014) from Naji Naaman Foundation (for his short story „”Of Dragon and Kid” and became lifetime honorary member of the foundation. Dragoş Barbu is membr of  International Litery Academy of Italian-Australian Writers, VA, Australia.

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