Monday, July 1, 2019




I was walking down the hill
looking toward the river
my mind all in a daze
nowhere bound
and heading there full speed

all I could think of
were the fading misty clouds
and the road behind me
when all of a sudden
I heard voices in the wind

listening closely I waited
for no more than a minute or two
my mind was playing tricks
so I continued on
took several steps downstream

then I heard it again
I know I heard it that time
but from whence did it come

I stopped and glanced back
figured someone needed me
but not a soul in sight

then there it was
a woman in the river's flow
her smile lit up the skies
someone stood by her side
she was kneeling down
with a  man holding her hand

voices were clear by now
I heard her speak of His love
He stood over her and smiled
before finally replying

Child, I am with you always
I'll never leave you nor forsake you
you are the reason I'm here
you are my inspiration

I fell to my knees
for it was then I realized
the woman was me
Jesus loves me so much
that He calls ME
an inspiration

I've done nothing to deserve this
but He is so full of glee and love
so much that I felt peace
a peace unlike
any I've ever known

Jesus said if I was the only one
He'd still love me all the same
I humbled myself
bowing in prayer

Lord, why me
for it is You that's deserving
You are the pure One
forgive me for neglecting You

thank You for Your love
and all Your gracious blessings
for that is what I am
as I listen to Your voice
I am blessed


A is for Awakening spirits
N is for His Never-ending  love
Gracious am I to be one of His
Everlasting love ~unconditional
Living beyond the golden gates
Someone sharing His love

if you see an angel
don't be alarmed
peace be with you


I'm proud to be part
of the red, white and blue
blessed to be alive
with family and friends like you

free to speak, think and feel
with an ongoing joy
God bless the USA
and every man, woman
girl and boy

debbie embrey

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