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Bells are ringing mightily for you, Cathedral of Notre Dame
For you are an amphitheatre of Divine Choir of Angels
On this earthly realm, in the heart of Paris
You, Cathedral, the bell-ringer’s and Esmeralda’s, of us all!

Your Holiness is a weave of starry bodies of cosmos
Piercing with their glow the crown of thorns
Wrapped in the scarlet mantle of Jesus Christ
In your vaults, Cathedral, the testimony to the Passion of the Lord!

Notre Dame, Notre Dame, your shroud of divinity
How badly burned! In a fire like a bolt of hell!
The world shivered at this sight, fell to its knees!

Notre Dame, Notre Dame, you, the mainstay of Christianity
You will be rebuilt to the glory of all times
Your face will shine with glitter like one of the resurrected Lord!
Poem dedicated to Cathedral Notre Dame:
Dedicated also to Christians in Sri Lanka because of the recent terror attacks on them, and also to all Christians risking their lives just because they are Christians (Middle East, Africa and Asia) ...


You are my priceless Sea of Light diamond
He told her while on his knees
But she behaved as if she saw nothing
Quite as that raven on the nearby alder.

You are my Millennium Star diamond
He said on another day, rainy one
It made no difference to her
A horned owl in the garden captured her eye.

You are my Sweet Josephine diamond
He whispered to her while kissing her neck
Cold were her eyes, unsmiling face
Blue Peafowl instead fascinated her.

He gifted her in his words with scarlet ruby
teardrop shaped sapphire, green emerald
No gemstone could get her attracted
But the eagle flirting with the sky.

Ach, lady, he said in the end, white faced
My heart got cold like that seawaves
Crushing at the nearby sea islets
Go, enjoy the seagulls, I say goodbye!


Longing to be back home, my sweet home
Ever since day one I departed NYC
I made a whirlwind trip across the world
Now coming back to my New York City

Just in yellow cab from the Kennedy Airport
Smoothly riding to the city of mine
Splendid silhouettes of New York City
More and more visible and accentuated
I am filled with great anticipation.

Refrain: NYC Highway, NYC Highway
Bringing me home, my sweet home
NYC Highway, NYC Highway
Just a step from home, my sweet home
O! NYC Highway, NYC Highway
I am almost at home, my sweet home.

In my mind all those NYC Squares
Are dancing like a ballet girl on Broadway
Chatham Square, Lincoln one, Madison one
Duffy Square, Times Square, thousands of them.

And the NYC streets, like stars on the sky
Illuminated by so many brilliant shines
Letting me enjoy it all, smell it all, feel it all
NYC streets, magnificent, so original
17th, 24th, 33rd, 66th Street, many more.

Refrain: NYC Highway, NYC Highway
Bringing me home, my sweet home
NYC Highway, NYC Highway
Just a step from home, my sweet home
O! NYC Highway, NYC Highway
I am almost at home, my sweet home.

Lucid dreams already engulf my mind
Feeling happier with every wheels’ turn
Bells are ringing, is this Poe or Alladin
Well, good to be back in my lovely NYC.

Speechless I am, as if first time newcomer
For NYC never fully conquered I realize it
It’s like the party that is never over
And I am but a dream catcher, lucky me
Burning man from happiness, back in my NYC.

Refrain: NYC Highway, NYC Highway
Bringing me home, my sweet home
NYC Highway, NYC Highway
Just a step from home, my sweet home
O! NYC Highway, NYC Highway
I am almost at home, my sweet home.


Beautiful birds, my gentle whisperers
on all the Earthly meadows
and my own meadows
in my heart
how I tribute you!

O’ white-chested emeralds, rainbow lorikeets
shoe-billed storks, blue-chinned sapphires
my beloved, gentle whisperers!

O’ white-tailed tropicbirds, Indian peafowls
golden-backed weavers, American flamingoes
my sweet, tranquil whisperers!

O’ ruby-topaz hummingbirds, house sparrows
southern cassowaries, restless flycatchers
the nature’s finest, noble whisperers!

Yet believe it or not
there is one special whisperer
in my Earthly life
you, my Anne!

In the mornings shrouded by mist
you are there!

In the afternoons shrouded by Sun
you are there!

In the evenings shrouded by twilight
you are there!

In the nights shrouded by eroticism
you are there!

Always there, O’ Anne
on the meadows of my life
you, the very special whisperer!

What else can I say, O’Anne
as just thank you
for you are it all
you, my only love
my beauteous whisperer!


Tides of love, tides of the Universe
are like two starships of a cosmic correlation
one of love across one’s love affairs
and another one across the oceans of the Universe.

Both are complementing one another
bringing love to eternity although seemingly gone with the wind
The tides of the oceans of the Universe
continue to flow and flow in symphonic ways
remembering the love that gave them rise.

What is most bewildering is
that both, the tides of love and tides of the Universe
remain immortal, in all the shine of the stars
both the poles like the northern and southern poles of Earth.

Love are the tides of the ocean, flowing on and flowing on
caressing love in all manners lovers do it
till their orgasms make of it all a sudden display
of the tides upon tides, upon tides, the ocean’s of love tides.

The Universe are the tides of the oceans of the Universe
Lordly, on the scale of the parallel universes
the tides upon tides that only the Lord can see
sailing it all what is there in the Universe.

Love thus and the Universe are the final crossroads
for all things of the godlike and human dimensions
both intertwined in the immortal tides of their oceans
both destined forever like the never ending tides of their oceans
tides upon tides, upon tides, till the infinity.

Here you are, my dear, here, in my arms
love flowing from you to me, from me to you
the tides of love that embrace us both
as we both embrace one another.

Here you are, my dear, in my heart
as I am wholeheartedly in your own
Making love, softly, in the gentle breezes of the wind
hearing the tides of the nearby ocean.

- ' I love you so much, I love you ... ' - we are whispering
gently pulling our naked bodies to each other
The words we are whispering sounding like an orchestra
flying then to the shoreline, taken away by the ocean's tides.


THADDEUS HUTYRA (known also as Tadeusz Hutyra) was born in Poland where he attended schools and begun to study at the prestigious Jagiellonian University of Cracow but shortly afterwards, before the emergency state announced by the communist regime on 13th of December 1981 he left Poland in search of a better life abroad. Primarily he intended to emigrate to the United States of America, the goal he was never fortunate to fulfill. Instead he found himself in New Zealand where he lived 5 years and afterwards he had a brief period of travelling across some Asian and European countries, he lived for a while in China and Hong Kong before finally settling down in Belgium. He considers himself a citizen of the world but a dream still remains to visit the USA and also enjoy travelling to a few other countries, especially India and Nepal. His mother language is Polish, but mostly he uses English and Dutch in every day life, he knows also Russian language. He has already published some books on Amazon, mostly poems written in English, amongst others “New York, My New York City” and “Divine Choir” In addition to it he is active on social media, especially on Facebook and Twitter. He is admin of a number of poetry groups in Facebook. He also published a number of books in Polish, amongst others “Boski Chor”, already working with the 13-th volume, all of the books containing 500 pages each.

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