Monday, July 1, 2019




The deep dark monster of revenge makes its call,
laughing and drawing all players to a fall,
those wasting lives on revenge stay behind,
all others rise to the brighter find.

The deadly monster of revenge feeds again,
darkness laughs and spins the webs of pain,
inciting anger and defiling all thought,
never releasing those who are caught.

The vicious monster of revenge brings mans end,
laughing and cursing as it breaks what can't bend,
catches us in nooses and horrendous snares,
swallows us alive into witches lairs.

Revenge like cancer eats away our life,
dumps us in dungeons of hatred and strife,
those who forgive get to build successful lives,
moving forward with glorious strides.
Zararia Yul ©Copyright


Sealed in a system the minutes tick past,
time is something that does not last,
like sands through the hour glass it trickles away,
we cannot hold it or store it for another day.

Sands of time slip through our fingers,
use it we must for it never lingers,
it is a gift to cherish and enjoy,
embraced in fullness our talents to deploy.

When love we weave into every day,
joy and happiness comes to stay,
these we keep in the treasury of our memory,
as time dissolves leaving only the scenery.

Do what you can while time is in hand,
use it wisely so your growth may expand,
there's so much exploration to bring us pleasure,
so much to share which we can treasure.
Zararia Yul ©Copyright


I wear my crown with humble grace,
with gentle kindness I pursue the race,
I crush not others to gain first place,
rather step aside to give them space.

I wear my crown with divinities peace,
honouring wisdom with generous increase,
offering prayer for sweet release,
bowing to God, His will to appease.

I wear my crown with gratitude,
count all my blessings with latitude,
dress each day with a positive attitude,
rather work harder than use a substitute.

I wear my crown with divine inspiration,
spiritually guided through every situation,
try to treat others with mild consideration,
so I may gain a worthy graduation.



ZARARIA YUL is an animal, nature and people lover, wanting to bring messages of coexistence, compassion and unity between human and nature, human and human, human and their emotions, balancing the inner and outer person to find deep peace and harmony with the rest of creation....enjoy....

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