Monday, July 1, 2019



in the midst of Spring
two trees in a forest
one in flowering bloom
the other one dying in gloom

the flowering tree
dressed all in green
provided thick shades
to the grass at her feet
and the tired passers by
birds, lizards and critters
use her branches as shelter
life was as pleasant and lovely
as the morning’s fresh dew

the tree that was dying
her colour was dull
no foliage to show
her leaves lay below
the branches in sorrow
are covered with moss
roots no longer bring nutrients
to the branches above
no shade under her
no place for the weary
to hide from the sun
or to rest from a journey

some trees die of thirst
others thrive in the draught
some succeed just with moisture
others drown in the rain

the dichotomy of life, once again
manifest in the cycles of seasons
one dies, one survives
misplacements of time
seasonal whims
are a mystery of nature

-          Duet in Sea Major for Pelagics and Mankind

we can get all along
share our space and resources
salvage the seas for each other
and set an example
construct a new world
if we could only understand us
leave our ravenous greed
and our ego behind
the sense that we own
all that is on our planet
the resources we share
partition and cherish
the nature of cycles
of the water and winds
the life history of all
from the grand to the small


from a mountain skyline
arrives a time from the horizon
when the darkness declines
the shadows melt across the prairies
the night is swallowed by the radiance of morning
the sky stains red from the bright morning sun

a day now begins
deep filled with elation
a new beginning for the search for what’s right
a new desire for the pursuit of joy
freedom, contentment
an escape from loneliness and sadness
a time to find paths of renewal
a quest to discover horizons

at the height of the sun
when the stars are in hiding
the tides and the currents
find their way across oceans
the winds so warm, dampen their wings
the trails above, discernibly clear
open new roads to a purpose and cause
to walk once again
on the streets and the highways
that enlighten our days
and dispel all the darkness
perhaps walking alone
but never unfeeling nor heartless


the sun wakes the world every morning
bringing life with newfound radiance
painting the skies with a brush of its light
bringing new hopes from shores afar

a new joie de vivre
the clouds are as canvas
smearing the heavens with shades
of blue, red, orange and pinks
filling our eyes of radiant enchantments

a tribute to bliss
elation and joy
the sun paints the skies
with beams of delight

the sun wakes our worlds every morning
bringing joys and renewed desires
painting hearts with the most pleasant verses
filling our eyes with the colours of hope


from the dark depths of the Earth
from its profound trenches
emerges the essence
of our planet and oceans
explained by a theory
about tectonic dynamics
in which plates, abyss, and its forces
shape the world from within

the bottom’s a mystery, the darkness its misery
of features unknown to the science and its branches

even waves have a shape
described only by numbers
they have vectors, directions and rhombs
a place where they are born
and a route in the sea
according to seasons

the waters have outlines that describe their profiles
while still or in motion that change with the winds

above the waters
the winds make the realm of the strata
the breeze, gusts, and squalls
turning the winds into streams
torrents of air cross the layers of vapors
forming the clouds, storms
the tempests and gales
the thunderstorms with the beautiful violence
dissipate from the sky and gleam into rainbows
a reminder from God
that destruction will not come
from a flood from the heavens
or from the oceans bellow

the skies high above are no longer unknown
its countenance thin like the breeze in the morn

the land of the living
the forests and jungles
birthplace of the trees
that embellish the landscape
the tundra, the desserts
the swamps and the groves
the paths in the hills
the richness of valleys
the mountains, the rivers
the soils of the plains

it is all up to mankind
to discover their shapes
their functions, and purpose
their meaning and drives
how they fit in the schemes
that shape our existence
make it fit the true meaning
of what makes us the fittest
conflicting conundrums
of the natures around us
every life to its kind
with its own state of mind

evolution – creation
revolution and order
elution – dilution
the reality vs an illusion
collusion – alliance
conclusion – assumption
confusion – directive
delusion – belief
effusion – infusion
exclusion – inclusion
infusion – effusion
intrusion – extrusion
occlusion – dilation
preclusion – inclusion
reclusion – gregarious
premonition … pollution … pollution?


HÉCTOR CHÈ CRUZ-LÓPEZ is a writer born in Vieques, Puerto Rico. He has degrees from the Conservatory of Music of Puerto Rico, New York University and a doctorate in marine science from the University of South Florida. As an oceanographer, he has devoted his entire professional career to the protection and study of the oceans. His writings are highly influenced by the sea, its life and resources. His publications include eleven books that comprise poetry, short stories, and micronarratives, both in English and Spanish. As a musician, he enjoys interpreting his arrangements and compositions for trumpet and Latin Jazz ensemble.

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