Monday, July 1, 2019




Do tears evaporate?
Like water
Mingle in the air
Leaving no scar, no sacrilege

Do tears elevate?
Like meditation
Facilitate body and mind coordination
Bringing no turbulence, no outrage

Or tears relieve
Like a shower
After days of piercing summer
Leaving nothing left, no sharp edge

Or tears showcase
As if mirth thrills
Drop from eye balls
Bringing only peace, nothing strange

lost relationship

My entire life is dedicated for my
Kith and kin who are really part and parcel of me
A huge time of four decades have passed like
Water in the Ganges in-between
Sewn of broken relations together with thread
Of love, affection and commitment
Bits of sacrifices along with scraps of
Blood affinity is now impossible altogether

My many dreams remained virgin and abandoned
In the pages of my life’s dusty notebook
As the life itself became pathetic, the dust
Like neglected whims has wrapped it with gravity

Ah, I do not find a single benevolent soul to whom I would speak
My dreams now scattered here and there like
Falling leaves in autumn
The napkin when lost necessity is abandoned
See how an ideal familiar
Bonding lost to you

You who was the pillar of the
Family then now is a piece of rough paper
The words which my own people uttered
Against me in this age of mine are
Very melancholic but no one is prepared to pay hid!!!


Each time when harsh sound of mortar
I here from all along the border
I remember thunder and lighting
Which as one we both enjoyed
While cuddling each other in a solitary shed….

Here when I roughly smell
Something unprecedented being a sniper
Suspicious activity along with border
I remember your grievance
Which a spouse succumbs to with trance…

Here for us days and nights are same
Like an ant we work incessantly forgetting time factor
I remember our days
When in ecstatic pleasure
How could we surpass time’s rude gesture….

Here when I see
My colleagues attends martyrdom
That my days are numbered now
I remember you as before
Bid flying kiss as adieu amidst gunfire………


Dr. ALOK KUMAR RAY : Ray is a lecturer by profession who teaches Political Science to both undergraduate and post graduate students. Being a bilingual poet many of his poems (both Odia and English) have been published in both national and international anthologies, journals, magazines and periodicals.

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