Thursday, August 1, 2019



you need time
to be a good parent
you need time
to be a good wife
you need to find the time
to be yourself

I will wait a thousand years
and I will live
in a different world
without unnecessary cults
and I will love
against cold walls
against cold people
I’ll derive the warmth
from flowers
I will wait through a thousand years
of human hate

there are three crows standing
ruffling feathers
they haven’t even opened their beaks yet
but one already knows
that they will squawk
like people

from the plates
of strangers
even delicious
don’t taste like
those flavored
with a bit of home


AGNIESZKA JARZEBOWSKA – (born in 1959 in Sieradz), graduate of Łódź University, member of „Anima” Literary Club, „Poets after hours” Informal Group, honorary member of Janów Literary Club. Her works were translated to English, Serbian, German, Lithuanian, Slovak, Bulgarian, Dutch, Italian, Russian, Telugu, Ukrainian, Hungarian and Swedish. Published four books of epigrams and four books of poems. Her works were published in many national and international anthologies. Recognized in several literary contests. She presented her works in magazines, radio, TV, Internet. Published anthologies and almanacs in Poland, USA, Great Britain, Serbia, Slovakia, Bulgaria and India. Received the award of the Municipal Council of Sieradz for achievements in literature (2012). Awarded the Medal of National Commission of Education for work and social achievements. Life Time Achievement Award from Writers Corner International. Passionate photographer.

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