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With the advent of internet we have entered into a new millennium, a completely new domain of human society has emerged through this invention. Before the internet era, nobody has imagined publishing anything without paper and printing press can be possible. I think even the science fictions have failed to dream this. Yet today we are so much involved with electronic publishing in our everyday life, that now we cannot imagine life without it. What a turnabout! In addition, with this turnabout now we have become well acquainted with the idea and existence of web journals. All around the world, interested people are publishing billions of web journals periodically just like the printed journals. These web journals are rapidly catching up with the popularity of the printing journals. There is a reason behind it. Unlike the printing journals most of the web journals are being published free of cost. Anyone can view or read the majority of the web journals free of costs. This is a huge advantage of publishing web journals over the printing ones. Therefore, the popularity of the web journals is increasing rapidly day by day. We cannot ignore its importance in our culture anymore.

Actually, the importance of web journals is going to dominate our culture in the coming days. We at Our Poetry Archive are well aware of this situation. The last five years of our web publishing has proved it beyond doubt that our vision is on the right track. The popularity of OPA is the evidence of this truth. And this popularity is increasing every day, every month, every year. More readers and writers are joining OPA with each issue. As we have discussed earlier of the popularity of the web journals over the printing ones is mainly because of its circulations without any costs, we need to look after the quality of the web journals as well. There is a great risk of compromising with the quality when anything can be available cheaply. Web publishers should remain alert of this high risk factor of publishing on line. We at Our Poetry Archive is trying our level best to keep up with quality production with each issue. We give it much importance to boost the literary quality of our productions. And to keep up with the high quality we have to reject too many submissions, for which the senders may feel sad. We can only sympathize with them yet we encourage everyone to uplift the literary quality by more hard work. One should go on trying relentlessly to write better and much better. We as the web publishers should encourage everyone for farther improvements. Therefore, OPA would never compromise with quality rather encourage others to boost up their literary quality.

Last month we have published our yearly Anthology of poetry, ‘SPIRIT OF NATURE’. Hundred and fifty-nine poets of all the continents have participated in this anthology. We have published five hundred and thirty poems on this topic. This year we have selected the topic Spirit of Nature, as we believe even with this astonishing progress of science and technology humanity should give much more importance of its root and that should be synchronized with the spirit of nature. If we forget this, we would never reach to the ultimate truth of life. Surprisingly too many poets around the world have extended their support to this cause contributing heavily with their literary brilliance. We remain obliged to each of them. We should also ask for the forgiveness of those poets, whose submissions have not been accepted for the publications as they have reached us after the last date of submission. Anyone interested can visit this massive Anthology of poetry at: Yes this is the fifth Anthology published by OPA in last five years, One in each year.

We are also glad to announce yet again that we have recently opened up a new website to display all our publications all together. Moreover, readers can also read articles and essays at this new website: Anyone can send articles and essays on topics related to world literature to us at the new email address  reserved only for article and essay submissions. This is not a periodical web journal like OPA. We will keep on updating this website with new articles and essays regularly. The writers of the selected articles and essays will be informed over the email with the web-link of their published works. Yes, as usual the copyrights will ever remain to the individual writers only.

To publish the poetical works in the monthly web journal Our Poetry Archive, one can send at least three poems and a short BIO written only in 3rd person narrative in one single MS-WORD file document attached with the mail along with the recent profile picture before the 10th of any month. Pdf document would not be accepted.  Any submission to our mail address would be considered as the explicit permission to publish one’s copyrighted materials in OPA.

Now we are presenting yet another monthly edition of OPA, In this number the readers would find poems of 47 poets of different continents around the world. We are much elated to publish the enlightened interview of poet Joanna Svensson of Sweden, the poet of the month. Hope readers will like the issue and keep OPA into their considerations as one of the frontline international web journal of the present time.

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