Thursday, August 1, 2019




When I wake up I wave back to the Sun
I take into myself the words of a prayer to permeate me with holiness,
To purge me of the dark,
To make a slash so that nothing of yesterday can touch my heart
Or leave traces of heinous acts from the screen,
Of bloodthirsty struggle among presidential candidates,
Of bomb echoes at airports worldwide,
Of tormented faces of hungry children
Disturbing consciousness,
Of disconcerted gazes of mothers looking in vain for their sons
Who have not come back from the battlefield,
Of impudent rotundities of starlets,
Of euphoric salvoes of laughter of shallow hosts,
Of deafening street noise,
Of screams of neurotic neighbors
Tearing one another apart
In universal helplessness.

I take into my soul the sublime peace of a prayer
Originated in remote silences of faith
In order to honorably carry the burden of the day
Supported by it
Without a pain, curse or bowing knees.
I take into myself the constancy of the Sun
To resound stronger than anything,
To try again to shine my autumn.


While enveloped by the Moon and grazed by death
You dream about a far-away shore that is not
Conquered in your absence
I have too little of you,
More than he has me
He who suffers from admonishing longing,
From the jealousy that makes him a beast,
He sharpens his sense of being threatened
And feels the danger like a beast and knows:
You have become the center –
You have sheltered all of me,
You have pulled me into yourself.

You have, like Zeus on Mount Olympus,
Assumed all the power and hidden me.
In vain does he give birth to me like to Aphrodite
I am not where he left me
To be waiting for the promised waking.
And you just turned up suddenly
Like a stray bullet and drove into me,
Anchored in my Soul you radiate devastatingly,
And the removing of the bullet would be fatal.

The entire system of existence became disrupted,
Everything was changed hit with that shot.
My blood flow, poisoned, is clotting up
Will I am stumbling toward myself
To come back to the same road…

And you wandering under the old  walls
To reach the new heights
Do not turn round
For the scene of unbearable emptiness
The abysses of my essence
Will appall you.
Filled with the mercy of the moment
Neither you nor I
Wonted it.


You can be seduced by all goddesses in succession,
Hellenic, Roman, Slavic ones,
You can be conquered by Vesta,
All your thoughts can be tied in knots
By Ariadne,
Aiming to erase, to cancel me.
Your eyes can be
Blindfolded by Chromos,
Your hearing can be stunned by Circe,
But in the softest murmur of wind
You will hear my heart whispering
A prayer for your calm.

In a sharp shriek of a seagull
You will identify the scream of my soul
Into which you took a peep once.

In an unexpected cloud above you,
When you are filled with joy,
You will see my face full of tears
That, looking for you, hides its longing.

Escaping the most tremendous danger
You will feel the blessing
Obtained by the muteness of my lips.

In your most secret part
You will know that I am here
And at times you will smile at me

In the deepest doubt in everything
You will meet my eyes which know
That, once broken,
Like us,
Never give themselves to anyone wholly.



MILICA JEFTIMIJEVIĆ LILIĆ  (Serbia): She graduated at the Faculty of  Philosophy in Priština, and  won a master's degree in philological sciences at the University of Belgrade. She was a professor at the University of  Priština, and editor on Belgrade TV. She has published the following collections of poems, storyes and essays...She is representedin many anthologies and has many literary awards of national importance  as international...Her  works translated into more than 28 lenguages of world.She  was vice President of the Association of writers of Serbia. Lives in Belgrade since 1999.

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