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Have you ever heard
The most beautiful sound
Played by a bird?

Have you ever heard
The enchantment of a love song
Coming from the thrill
Of a blackbird?...
It`s the most melodious chant
Of the woods.
It`s the most colorful verse
Of the wilderness.
It`s the most wonderful dedication
Of the universe.
And this is precisely how
A woman`s body sings
At the touch of her lover….
The one she most adores
And the one who most adores her….

If you gently touch her curves
She will start playing this sweet song
For you… only for you…
In the privacy of your senses,
Of your romance…
And only then
You will become her intimate verse
Of desire, passion
And love in all its grandeur.

She will become
The song
Of the virgin forests,
The melody
Of your own deep thoughts,
The stories
Of your magic existence…
She will take you by her side
Towards a world of wonders,
In between the pages
Of another world
Where you will discover the truth…

Let her softly whisper
All those lyrics to your ear
And make you become curious
To learn even more
Of those untamed flowers…
Because only then
You will truly find out and believe
In the power of that ONE love
That stands tall and proud
For healing everything
That you thought is impossible
To improve…

Everything you ever needed
Stands in the song
Of your loving woman.
Everything you ever looked for
It`s just in front of you
And she has always been there
Waiting for you to become aware
Of her presence…


When a poor naughty fire
Meets authentic love
And falls into the wonders
Of the universe:

How are we suppose
To burn less inside
For the ones we truly love,
When they are the light
To our inner truth,
Our daylight,
Our moonlight,
Our youth?
How are we suppose
To burn less inside
For the ones we most adore
When they fire up our senses,
They build us up
With each touch
Of their soft skin,
When they breath passion
So much from within?
How are we suppose
To burn less inside
For the ONE we have finally found,
When we`ve expected them
For a lifetime,
Waiting for this flame
To ignite our universe,
To call up our name?
Ignite me with your holy touch,
Set fire to my perceptions,
Burn down all of my pain,
Put those walls down
Leave them in no frame,
Plant a few flowers more
On our holy domain.
Who's stopping you, man
To express
Your intense lovingness,
Your beautiful mess?

Everyone`s got
A little naughty fire inside…
And that`s life
You give REbirth to,
Each time
A vice becomes a virtue
Each time love
Takes the stage
And discovers
That world view…
A little naughty fire inside…
That turns right into a thunder
When you find the ONE,
That turns right into master creativity
When you come closer
To the stories, to the colors
Of your beloved,
That`s productivity …
Dare discover their stories written
All over their flesh…
Dare discover their strong colors
Painted on their face,
Literature and canvas that drive
The wilderness mad
When you come closer together
And your senses sing ahead…

Who wants to stop
That naughty fire,
From which you actually rise
As a new figure
Mirrored into the lovable face
Of your adored one?
When a poor naughty fire
Meets authentic love
And falls into the wonders
Of the universe:…
…It`s called “transcendence”.


In each raindrop
That the sky sends down on earth
There`s a verse dedicated to you...
A word
A sound
A rhyme
A piece of intimacy
A smile
While staring at the window,
You begin reading its verses, its poetry
Series after series
Unwinding its miraculous secrets.
And with each page turned
The water gives you
New and new meanings
And renews the vows of co-creation
A talkative rain
Lodged at your window
Comes as an invitation to dialogue
About life
About joy
About love...

And each time you do not fear rain`s falling
You gain a new series
Of magic dedications...
Smile to the rain
And write down
Those enchanting pieces of limerick.


ANA LUCREŢIA NEDELCU: Ana (pen name LiterAnART) is from Romania, Eastern Europe. She has been writing for 12 years and she has widely published in her country and abroad, having multiple international collaborations. She is a writer, poetess, journalist, researcher, reviewer, book editor and translator. She also teaches creative writing workshops and represents the World Poetry Canada association in her country. “MY MUSE & I - 365 DAYS ~ A POEM A DAY” 2017 is her debut volume in the English language, an e_book that contains 365 poems dedicated to love, romance, the beloved, nature and world peace. You can find Ana and her work @ &

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