Thursday, August 1, 2019




The soul of the poet,
what do you do with the wind to the unknown.
Clinging to the cushions of clouds
you look down.

A delight in which
God has provided you with a word to describe it,
neither to tell in the songs of the picture,
what you see in the zenith of your feelings.

And although they say they do not know it,
when you tear, you suck with delight.
Difficult is a state for those
what a serpent pride in language.

My soul, keep this beauty,
without touching the current fashion.
Love, speak, see the purity of gifts,
At the end, thank you for being given to you.


I'm here,
before the wind
heals the petals
tears of the night,

and the sun is brushing,
and it will lift the smell
above the garden.

A spell will pour out -
with a soothing smell.

God's sign,
who can
just like me right now
he says a prayer.


After every street
longing is going on.
Playgrounds -
it is in vain to look for you.

Park benches
they do not remember our voices,
just rain
in the tracks he deepened the puddles.

We were happy.
Church, road to school.
And yet, grayed tenement houses
and the sky is so sad.


She paused,
that the wind would not hear

and entrusted to life
I protect against
every dawn.

The rock stream will not tell you
the river will not bear
what's left in the heart.

I lulled my words,
I wrap my goodness,
I am asking for a look at the sun.


I brought with me
longing -
the years that ran
after the sound of waves.

After the breath,
an endless look,
a dance breeze
with clouds.

I brought with me
left religion,
innocent feelings.

I knew they were waiting
in the scent of amber,
breeze, emotion
at sunset.


JADWIGA BUJAK-PISAREK Ur. May 22, 1957 In Świebodzice. A clothing technician by education. Editorial secretary Laureate of many poetry competitions. The Poet of the Year 2015 honored with Statuettes by the editors of Dziennik E-Literaci for the overall activity in the field of literature in the last five years 2010-2015 and the 100th anniversary of Niepodległości for long-term cooperation. A member of the Literary Association 'Witryna' in Stalowa Wola. A member of the International Literary Group "Kwadrat" in Krakow. A member of the Association of Polish Authors in Warsaw. She has published four volumes and is a co-author of six literary issues. thirteen anthologies, including one religious and three international. Her poems are translated into English. They are published in the international monthly: "OUR POETRY ONLINE ONLINE ARCHIVES, MONTH OF POETRY". For several years, he has been publishing on the website, where he gained many regular readers. Participant of Festivals, literary workshops and meetings: Festival of Song and Patriotic Poetry in Lubaczów - 3rd place in the poem "Even today"; The first, second and fourth festival "Lubaczów Poetic Autumn" in Lubaczów, where her two poems were available for the Museum of the Borderlands; • Participant of the 15th "Jurassic Poetic Autumn" in Zloty Potok and the "Festival of Slavic Poetry" Cieszyn 2015. Participant of the project titled. "ACTIVE SENIOR" Founder of the independent Saffo Poet group, in GBP in Zebrzydowice and organizer of cyclical meetings in poetry in Zebrzydowice.

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