Thursday, August 1, 2019




Curiosity takes me to the secret chambers
full of cold, icy hearts, souls that are lost.
The fear is as strong as the Universe,
And I'm reaching out to the heat of your distant hands.
I feel the power of God's forgiveness
and whisper prayers of old and new wishes.
And if the Sun does giving us uncountable hugs,
I know
Mountains of ice from our soul
Your, God's presence can remove.
You, God, scents of love can sow
I'm waiting with the basket of my soul.
Embed peace in the world that You, God, made.
Delete the suffering of children, women and the innocent,
Make miracles and subdue combat.
Teach us the language of love.
I hope the whole Cosmos will speak it.


My heart is full of you
In the winds of whispered rumors.
My face gets cold,
But I wear a smile.
Open the universe for me
Which floats through your soul.
Give me a smile
To go through the pain.
Hug me with your heart
While I think of you.
Pass to me the light
To see all my mistakes,
To forgive myself
And keep going forward
Whatever it takes.
In this darkness
I try to spread my wings.
My soul flashes
Whenever I hear your name.


When the water of life
tirelessly breaks the dam of pain,
the Sun is mercy
and banishes waves of anxiety.
The winds soften
and quiet the strings of my soul,
and all my sighs fly into your hugs.
When the fire of love
flares up my circle of eternal longings,
stars come together
and unify their lights,
illuminate all my paths.
Rains become gentle
and wash all my and your sorrow,
and the train of hope
on the platform of life
waits to board two of us.
When my desire for life
strengthens the roots in my hope,
the Moon falls in love
and begins to whisper my mantra.
In the lap of silence
hope starts to build its nest,
and through the water,
and through the wind,
and through the Sun,
and through the stars,
and through the Moon,
and through the land,
my hope fights its battle.


REMZA LAGARIJA was born in 1959 in Bastasi near city of Foca, Bosnia and Herzegovina. She finished high school in 1978 in city of Brcko, BiH. She studied at the Department of Sociology and Philosophy at University of Novi Sad from 1984 to 1988. She started writing poetry while attending elementary school in Gunja, Croatia. She published her first poetry book “Look into your dreams" in 2017.

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  1. Me encantó el primer poema llamando a la paz y el bien, con el lenguaje del amor