Thursday, August 1, 2019



Modest room accompanies
unpaid electricity
over there sheets float
the broken mirror testifies.
Five-six days empty intestines
the power flows
fed up with written papers
in the corner stands torn shoes.
I do imagine, the lost feelings
trying to call
help requesting
the end bloody window witnesses.
The heavy air stinks
opened is the door, body bruised
the end of infinity, poet rests in peace.
I raised my hands
reminding the Bohemian verses
all over the abandoned treasury lies.
Maintained with fondness
yellowed sheets full of letters
broken bulb
written notice on the table
demanding publications of novels.
I am very scared of his voice
thoughts and feelings rivet
afraid, somebody can hear
about the unknown writer’s thesaurus.
Aged now, I feel very weary
ticking relentless is consciousness
tremendous pain on my chest
Dear God, forgive me, I’ve got the stolen poetry.
Listen to me, Dear Ladies/ Gents
my sinned sin
the poems of the young poet
I have embezzled I do confess…


Far from the injustice
traveled  has in the modest life,
Art-lover of beauty, powerful letters,
the nobleman enthusiasm, member of war veterans.

Surrounded by family, ordinary friends
highly has been respected in the center of the Prizren League
given himself duty for the rights of genders
has visited many times the chimneys of backwardness.

Education, Pedestal of Equality
was  incarnated in his being,
the thresholds invited one by one,
girls abandoned schools, tomorrow should come back.

Obligations, very aware Gentleman,
derived energy in employers' offices
employed has many Ladies,
lighten has their way with knowledge.

Lies peacefully under centuries old pines
with piety, we remember his notebooks
summarized are today in the book, notes
remembered will be, generations will mention.


Devoted Madam
in ugly paths I have been grown up
educated in coffee bars and dirty bistros
in the politeness of inflated selfishness
towards turbulence of faithful feelings.

Many times I have been washed in the waters of sins
waves of females have accompanied me
like desert storm sand
I breathed dirty flavor of hotels
again you entered inside my cave
into darkness, fear, treachery, odor.
Blessed Lady
Sorry I am knowing you have done your best
attempting to soften the sinner's ego
thought, I will write verses for you
my sun will smile
find peace in the room of fate.
flying poured years of life
lure of the past is defeated
mist continues to deepen into memories
you are wandering still alone
towards broken streets of life
enjoy Noble Pearl the Age
you are more than dear to successors
I didn’t know to hold, love you
I did betray as a medieval idiot
left you lonely in cold nights without love
in the solitude waiting the beastly man ...


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