Thursday, August 1, 2019




The apple tree is sore.
The summer breeze pushes it, and the old apple tree
releases a plaintive moan.
Stand like a soldier in Buckingham Palace,
its ragged hair, stained black, hardly moves through time.
Young apple trees give away tender apples
as Christmas gifts.
The summer breeze returns with speed and
the old apple tree lets out his plaintive moan.
That's how we are when we get old: the complaint of pain
becomes frequent and accentuated.
And so, like the old apple tree we will be until the daisies
of our skin tell us goodbye.


Hells of cement seduce
with frightening knives in the throats
the poor old people use cartons like blankets
on the cold floor they suffer.

Alone, without company, they arrive early
with the worn-out illusion of being the first,
they charge with the painted sadness the money
to the long wait the hand trembles.

Swirling sweat, dislikes grow
fights, tantrums, rages and pushes
with heavy atmosphere, insults come.

Forgotten heroes, with the spirit of the hawks
they prefer meekness to avoid scares
although they can change the embarrassment of the cartons.


Maracaibo mine!
I no longer have the breath to sing to you.
We are invaded by shadows.
Limpid indigo sky.
The broken crystals of the rules.
Thunder of silence.


TIBALDO BORJAS: Poet, narrator and retired university professor. Born in the clayey village of Guaruguaro-Venezuela in 1945, and his childhood was spent in La Concepcion.  From a young age, being a classroom teacher, he leans towards poetry and literature.  The poet Andres Eloy Blanco was his favorite author. At age 19 he participates in the National Short Story Contest newspaper El Nacional. His poetry is inserted in the field of solidarity, of nature; and in many instances, claims of justice and love poems. Most of his poetic production is in anthologies  and literary pages: in 2016, several of his poems were included in the Contemporary Poetic Anthology, Poetic Voices of the New Century and a book of poems, KIEW.  Likewise, we can find it on facebook, poems of the soul, UHE and Poetic Magazine Azahar of Spain. Recently he published three poem books: “Arbol de barro”, “Sorbo de luna” and “El violin resucita”.

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