Thursday, August 1, 2019




Like a soft song of the cuckoo at dawn
Like the chirping of the lil birds
Like a red rose with dew
Like white lilies so pure
Like the mountain mist
Like the colourful fountain
Like the morning sun
Like the twilight glow
Like the first rain in April
Like the peacock before rain
Like the blossoms of spring
Like the cool cool sea breeze
In the wintry chill nights
Singing  songs of love
You opened your heart wide open
And made me your captive
For lifetime!
Oh! I am weary of your loving tactics
I want to be free as a bird
Flying everywhere
with no restrictions imposed
migrating to greener lands
but not a captive in your heart
with too much of love
suffocating me to death !
With all my love for you
Give me freedom
To fly like the birds
And come back to my nest
For resting with you
Holding you close
As freedom is everyone's birthright!


Look at that girl
walking along with eyes full of love
She is black and beautiful
precious is she like a pearl
Her almond eyes speak
Volumes of love
Her dark curly tresses
Swaying at the back
She tosses it now n again
She walks past the crowd
With all eyes falling on her
She walks fast with a sway
So beautiful to watch
Her black complexion gives
her that amazing beauty
and she knows it well !
So what if she is black
She is the apple of many peoples eyes !
She is that awesome girl
Who toils day and night in the field
With no complaint in her mind !
She moves in rhythm with the nature's flow
with a song on her lips
which is painted with
nature's glow  !
She is a wonderful creation
by God Almighty in His grace !
End of the day she sits under the
moonlight with a beautiful shine
on her tender body divine
with sparkle in her eyes
enjoying the cool cool breeze
with love for her creator !
She is as innocent as a child
And as bold as a warrior
She fights for her rights
And is crowned as
The Black Girl Who Won Hearts Of Many
With her soft yet killer looks
 if she sees any girl being eve teased or molested
.. she becomes Kali the destroyer of evil !


She is as pretty as a rose
Innocent as dews on  Lillies
Shines like hibiscus in rain
She is the pretty moon at night
Giving cool cool breeze to all
She is that girl next door
Who takes care of her household
She is a beauty to look at
She has beautiful cleavage to show off
But thats her precious possession
Only for him !
She wears boots and
Police officers dress
Taking the night rounds
To see all girls and old are safe
She hisses like a cobra
If she smells something wrong
She rolls her eyes
Which scares all
Yet she is a pretty as a rose
And innocent as dews on lillies
Don't you dare pass a remark
She swings her baton left n right
All run for their lives !
When her duty is over
She comes home
Cooks  for her husband
Serves him with love
And off she is to her dreamland
Holding tightly on to him
Like a child
He calls her My Precious Pearl!
She is a woman possessing all feminine qualities plus,
who loves and cares !


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