Thursday, August 1, 2019




Why you are asking me , why ?
And where  I would be?
At dawn I woke up
I spread my wings!

And I catch the light of the night
I call the warm of sun
I will not come to your dreams
You bit my heart !

What lies on my soul
I was sowing seeds on paper
Go dreams do not ruin me
Go, do not follow my lyre

And what you care about me
where I am?
Is  your soul is cool ?
I'm staying what I am

Somewhere, far from you! . . .


I'm not telling you the truth
You're scaring me about your reaction
At the bottom of the soul is hidden
There is no pain around your heart
I can not tell you anything

I would create a miracle with words
I confess to God alone
I'm struggling with challenges
I do not allow my soul to spill
Do not shade the eye shadow
I'm not doing a spell

What would I be ignored as a woman?
I will not tell you what is hidden
Do I have someone or I am alone
I will not tell you what I dream about
It's a sin to cover you with tears
I would not listen to your sighs
I defend you from my own silence
I will not tell you how things stand
I do not have the heart to hurt you
I will not tell you. . .


Find me tonight
in the field of unrest
when it's a divine lyre
strong zatalas
you will feel breath
gentle butterflies
in the annotations of the universe
wires while crying
Find me here
under the sleeping eyelids
while it's a silver month
Calculate the cloak
when you feel strongly
pierce in the chest
These are my lips
They love you with imagination
If they are bitter tears
with a silence drop
before the horizon
spilled cashmere blue
vortex heavenly
My shadow is good
I stay a tenant
in your head. . .


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