Wednesday, July 1, 2020



Birds In The Air

Birds flying in the air
Flocking together
Singing songs of love
Reverberating in the cosmic air
Breathing free, uplifting souls
Circling around
Over the horizon
Blue, pink, red, green
Vibrancy of colourful riots
Morning mists
Chirping and singing
Tranquil birdsongs
Amongst all the chaos
The best therapist in the whole world
Nature heals in a myriad way
Azure skies, ruffling seas
High mountains and tall trees
Green pastures and scenic locals
Birdsongs and animal calls
Birds pecking at the ripe fruits on trees
Animals loitering leisurely with their infants been sen
Look around and soak in the bliss
Listen to the reverberation
And feel the peace.


The serenity of being truly connected by heart
When we converse and share no hold barred
Nestled in the comforting embrace of being the best of a kind
Where words don't matter to express the feelings endured
Yes, you complete me like non
My heart nestles in your soul
And I feel at home
After a long tiring day.


When you are looked down upon
As you work effortlessly even been provoked
Tried fitting in, but with no avail
Hurt and battered
By the ones
Living life, on terms
Ingenious blows
Dreams on the verge of getting broke
Yet you hold on
With a tiny flicker called hope
Slow but steady
Igniting self
With a twinkling sheen insight
Life pulls you through
And you just emulate
Leaning on it and survival instinct!


MADHU JAISWAL is a bilingual poet and social worker hailing from Kolkata, India. She is an optimistic and compassionate person who believes in humanity and sharing smiles. She completely believes in the notion that penning down one's thoughts is therapeutic to the soul. She is associated with The Impish Lass Publishing House Mumbai in the capacity of an editor. Her creative contributions have been published in various national and international anthologies and she often gets featured in prestigious e-zines. Her poetry was recently featured in the prestigious anthology Aatish 2 alongside various renowned stalwarts. She also was amidst top 3 winners in the Beyond Black Sakhi Awards 2019.

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  1. Such lovely poems depicting natures extravaganza! I love Madhu's work to the core. Well done! ❤