Wednesday, July 1, 2020



Less Buttery More Flying

Joyous Butterfly never rested
Endless ideas inside her always nested

Her natural self was sophisticated
Harsh winds and rough crickets, often she hated

Spontaneous fondness for a rose
Rejecting the whole garden she chose

Times travelled seasons got changed
Her fondness escalated and high-ranged

Suddenly an envious autumn came
Butterfly busy in routine chores, but at heart all same

Collecting nectar for all unfavourable days
Toiling under rain shower and humid rays

Never dreamt about deadly moment to take birth
Out of blue moon sudden sting will kill all merry& mirth

Day of dazzling spring it long waited
Despondency’ll overcast, never it opated

Favourite flower shedding all care
Sprinkled venomous verbose filled with snare

Bewildered Butterfly went benumbed
All pensive and poised never hummed

For days since then it remained lost
Too much fondness too fierce did cost

Many wishes it deliberately killed
Sea of sensitive secret-store just over-spilled

Flightless it flew to find fondness all shaken
Too tender tree of tokens appeared away and taken

Butterfly seldom so silent and serene
Was made to think so meagre and mean

Wolfish syringes of world pricks at private pores
Misunderstanding breeds where love lessens and less soars

Countless butterflies die while roses sleep
No-one stops, stirs and stays….life is layerlessly deep!

Be You

Stop ‘doing and dying’ for others.
Start loving yourself. Love ignites.
Start pampering yourself. Pampering perks.

Start polishing yourself. Polishing grooms.
Start preserving yourself. Preserving proves /heals / helps.
Start freeing yourself. Freedom liberates.
Start knowing yourself. Knowing enriches.
Start unhooking yourself. Unhooking hooks.

Start learning yourself. Learning enhances.
Start being yourself. Being you behoves.
Start winning yourself. Winning warms.

My Less Is More

For just one dear like, she rejected a foreign hike
For others sake, she put life on stake
Burnt midnight oil, put life’s pan from sim to mode full boil
For others to have peace, she cut self into piece
For others to grow, she let own self go
After others dosed off to sleep
She found spaced moments to weep
For years others used to rule
And the very wise proved fool
Even the self-fooling is not spared
Beauty mercilessly thread-bared
Then inner dignity wakes up
Too much noises stark and shake up
Nature thunders and roars
She leaves behind vultures and boars
For others don’t forget self
That is the unmatchable power and pelf

Glow, groom and glide
Undo ugly and unkind to the extreme corner side
Garnish, cherish and relish all is there
In the unexpected world, be ‘the most fair’
Forgive the spoilers, embrace the enchanters so rare
Stay near the positive, the passionate, and the parasols- who do care


NEETU VAID SHARMA is a contemporary love poet. She is a published author & poet. She is Assistant Professor, foreign language (French) instructor and web columnist and award-winning research scholar. She has seven books of poems, short-stories and quotes to her credit.

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