Wednesday, July 1, 2020




How easily you would paint,
many colours of life on canvas,
many aspects,
with the original rainbow colours,
don't know why,
the same colours today,
have been appearing light and lackluster......

Are with the intensifying sun,
being faded the colours of life,
painted on canvas....

Every picture drawn on every canvas,
seems being hideous....
These days, with anti-social elements....

Or eyesight is being weakened,
or man is being helplessly habitual to not seeing something good,
don't know.......!


Had operated on eklavya,
Injured out of biased lookout of droan and bhishma,
and had re-planted an artificial thumb,
to stand against arjuna...

Had let him fight against injustice
and would have staged protests too,
effigies would have set affire,
of droan and bhishma,
as is done to ravana...

Against the racism continued since time immemorial,
against the faulty power,
would have led a humiliatory march,
with the backing of eklavya-like loyalty keeping straightforward pupils.......

Thoughtful versions,
rebellion through versions,
to the modern societal set-up........


Can't she play some lover or a wife,
doesn't she have in her body the outbreak of natural intercourse...

Her inner energy gets overpowered by the naxal winds,
communal uproar destroys her womanhood,
terrorism dominates her maternity, motherliness...

Despite it keeps rising some concussion,
like the dormant volcano,
inside every woman......

Neither she can live,n bloom up,
in the visible natural phenomenon,
like any season of fall,
remains she offbeat-upset,
doesn't let her live in this way such an ominous plight and......
All she remains ruthless,
empty like some page, illiterate.......!
On the page of life,
like an unwritten poem,
in a consistent manner...


NEHA BHANDARKAR is trilingual poet. Her 11 books in Marathi, Hindi and English have been published. She is recipient of many prestigious literary awards from India like state Sahitya Akadami and from foreign countries also. Her many poems and stories are being published in many anthologies, online  Zines and magazines in all over the world. Her many poetries have been translated in several languages.

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