Wednesday, July 1, 2020




In a void
For a short while,
The space
The environment
Chokes you.

You fear
The limit,
The possibility
Of containing nothing,
Screaming to be released
From the trap.

It must be
Terrifying –
The fear of
The uncontrollable
The unknown
The lack of a prospect.

It is possible
To demonstrate
A person
Is driven crazy
With the fear
Of nothing.

It will never go
There is
After which
Progress can be made.

A Droplet

Here comes our enemy
In a droplet.
We perceive it
As an infinitesimal particle
Trying to adhere to our form,
And we writhe with revulsion.
But who are we?
If not a scant bigger droplet,
By the forces of the moon,
And not the least
By the oceans beyond…

On the earth
A droplet is in free surface
Unless confined from above
And so all water lies flat.
I am free;
You are free
And so is the man’s enemy.
We win if we stand apart
Coz our internal attractive forces
Keep each one
Occupying the least surface area
In volume.

The Warrior

It matters not
Who pulled your leg
And dashed your dreams to the ground;
It matters not how heavily
You were wounded;
How cruelly your assets
Have been snatched away,
How desperately you needed them.
It matters not
What you were in the past,
What you had achieved,
How your ladder has been
Hacked away from below.
All the things you had
Were not destined to last;
They have pulled you up so far
And they have done their job…
From where your leg dangles
Over the deep chasm
Haul yourself with a masterful stroke
That the world has not seen yet
And would be amazed to watch now –
From that panting pull
Draw all others in who dwell
In the darkness below
And never mind
If one of them was also that
Who first pulled your leg.


Dr. ANURADHA BHATTACHARYYA is an Indian writer. She has been awarded the Chandigarh Sahitya Akademi's Best Book Award for English Novel of the years 2016 and 2019. She is Associate Professor of English, Postgraduate Government College, Sector-11, Chandigarh.


  1. நீர்த்திவலை நுண்குமிழ் உய்யஎழு துகளேக்
    கார்கோளமாய் விண்நிலவாகி மண்புவியாக
    பார்க்கு வெளியாகியு பார்க்க இயலாதகிருமி
    நீர்த்து நாசிவழி ஊசிமுனை உள்ளிறங்கவுன்
    சேர்த்த ஈரலடைக்கு கொரோனா கொல்லியு
    வார்த்த அருஉருவே பரந்தாமனோ பரமனோ
    தீர்த்தமானுடம் திருந்தும் நீ திரும்பாமல் போ