Wednesday, July 1, 2020




Not just for the natural warmth
they can enclose you in,

I prefer pockets for the immense
possibilities they hold

In their depth where your hands
often slide absent-mindedly.

From the forgotten coin to
the undelivered note,

the ink still fresh with murmur
of the time you lived to the fullest

in words, the pocket knows it all,
it has housed the folds with care,

also let a pair of enjoined hands to be
deep inside where words didn’t reach.

Deleting From The Drafts

No, it might not be like
dismantling the Taj Mahal
if you had built it yourself,

but even then it would be
like annihilating a part of you ,
your throbs-those erratic and

the calmer ones too that got
distilled in words, those wishing to
reach out like comforting arms,

having been crafted with heart
and then simply cancel their flight
each time you press the “delete” button.

The Stormy Night

On nights like these
with winds howling at
your doors unabated,
you stop deciphering its
voice of rage much
like the way you overlook
grim stories of depraved
humanity filtering their ways
into your newsfeed, your
well-preserved, selfish peace.

Yet they manage to rattle you
where nothing stirred before.
You flounder to find its likeness
in history books and in your own
account of metaphorical storms.
You look for a calming refuge.
and dearly wish Tagore’s Friend
for his stormy nights, “Poranshokha”,
“The Beloved one”, is there at
the door to lend you His hand.


AMANITA SEN is the author of 2 volumes of poetry – ‘Candle in my dream’ and ‘What I don’t tell you’. Her poems have been published in numerous journals. She is a mental health professional living in Kolkata, India.

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  1. You bring the pocket inside out.Then you know how important a pocket is .You can Fill your whole life in The pockets and to see or show You have to Bring your Life Inside out.