Wednesday, July 1, 2020



Lyrics And Song

There grows a song
At the tip of my tongue
With a longing
For something
That shouldn’t be

Of letters that by now
Should have swept away
With the leaves of fall
They lay frozen
An entire winter
Hoping your glance
Would thaw each line

Of strange roads
Wind swept hair
The waiting at the bent
Of how banter always lasted
One summer to the next spring

There hang a few things
Lyrics –
Replete with colors
You once robbed
A fine-tuned guitar
And three prizes to give away


Have you ever felt?
Strangely distant from yourself
From each and every part
Of your anatomy

The surgeon
Of your own surgery
Spinal anesthesia
And you talk
About liver and intestine
Dispassionate about the water in the lungs

Feeling no pain
At what the world injected into you
No remorse
At what you did to the world either
Crushing flowers
Or people
Or both

Saying I love you randomly

Sanguine about the ones
We say them to
That they are also observers
Living outside
Of their hearts and lungs

Muted Woman’s Day!!!
The vacuumed silences!

Not from the inky darkness
Not a natural quiet of the hour
It buzzed through the chattering ring
A silence piercing through the din

She spoke to you no more
Her stillness greeted you ‘Good Morning’
Her shadow wished you goodnight
You bludgeoned her to silence

Her conversations suspended in mid-air
Your taunts tamed her
You labelled her ilk

Bereft of a voice
She became the still leaf waiting for a rustle
You never could fathom her silence

And dipped in the unspoken
Of the deafening decibels
A little like the pre-talkies clip by your bedside
Without dubbing or subtitles …..


VANDANA KUMAR is a bon vivant who loves travelling, working with young minds and exploring possibilities beyond the ordinary. A middle school French teacher in New Delhi and an active member of various quiz clubs, her passions include playing the piano. She contributes poems regularly to online publications like ‘GloMag’ and Narrow roads. She has also been published in international journals like Toronto based ‘Scarlet Leaf Review’ and Philadelphia based “North of Oxford”. In addition she has been published in poetry websites like UK based ‘Destiny Poets’. One of her poems was shortlisted and published by the “All India Poetry Society” (All India 2017 poetry competition). One of her poems was recently published in the Winter 2020 edition of the Houston, Texas based “Harbinger Asylum”. Poetry for her is her stress buster, her flight of fancy and strangely, what keeps her rooted too.


  1. Honesty of expression and compelling originality of language. wonderful write, wish you more success.