Wednesday, July 1, 2020



Dream Girl

Amid blasting music
and flashing lights--
An array of blues, greens,
hot pinks and gold,
she appears and swims in
the midnight river of the bar:

The translucent honey doll
with firefly eyes
dances seductively
in a scanty top with
swinging movements of her hips
to  a Bollywood track--
Her thick obsedian hair
cascading down her caramel skin
like the waves eventide
on a sandy beach!

Duped, sold, and abused
in a magic city full of lure,
the girl quite often feels
lost and devastated!
That night she cried a lot
before getting skimpily dressed
and dancing to the beat.

No one knows the horrors
the girl has endured;
no one knows this is not
her desired way of life--
Soon She'd suffer the same fate
as an empty wine bottle
to be thrown off with
a bit of dredges,
or a cigarette butt
smoked and thrown off!

Memories of her native village
beckon her home
like a bosom buddy
from yawning mustard fields
opening their eyes after dewy sleep
under frazil-silver sky with
bursts of amber and rose!

The village and her parents:
All have become pictures
on a fading album page
wrapped in uncertainty,
full of melancholy murmurs!
She dreams in darkness
feeling the ache and the
lost contours deep in her bosom!

Like Never Before

Your words
Touched within my soul
Deep chords

The rains
Silent acquiescence
Amid pains

Bloomed a blue rose

Unlike the crowd
Red, pink, purple, and yellow
Sapphire in shroud

Dream-like waves
With a unique sense of surreal
The soul strides

Heart's garden
The ocean of infinite love
Petals open

Time and space
Deep down in the blue ocean
Have no trace

Autumn Leaves

Rain collapses, comes the fall,
Fall and flutter autumn leaves:
Rusted, brown, yellow, tan,
Sad silent autumn leaves!

Once they waltz with wind;
Now they lie on the ground,
Tell me why the cruel wind
Never feels for autumn leaves?

Divorced, bleached, full of dust,
The leaves whirl and twirl,
None can fathom the languid grief--
Wan and pallid autumn leaves!

Pestilence- striken, longing for life;
Lost lyrics in swell and wane,
Like the mortals who ail and die:
Transient, fading autumn leaves!

Hazy shadows, suspended breaths;
Ripples of silence ever-widening,
An acute feeling of autumn in life
Sad ruffles of autumn leaves!

A slip into sepia, grey horizons--
No cerulean skies at eventide,
The fading fires of sunset vault--
I share the fate of autumn leaves!


RANJANA SHARAN SINHA: A professor (English) and poet, Dr. Ranjana Sharan Sinha is a well-known and authentic voice in Indian Poetry in English. Two of her poems have been included in the CBCS syllabus for 4 sem (M.A. English) at university level. She is an eminent author and critic, too. Authored and published 07 books in different genres and 50 research papers covering different themes and subjects. The books are :1. Spring Zone (A collection of poems and Haiku) 2. Midnight Sun(A collection of Short Stories) 3.Nature in the Poetry of William Wordsworth and Sumitranandan Pant(Criticism) 4.Feminism:Times and Tides(A historiographical and theoretical commentary on feminism with a unique perspective) 5. Different Dimensions (A collection of research papers presented in different national and international conferences and seminars) 6. Scents and Shadows (A collection of poems)7. Rhymes for Children. Recipient of many awards for her contribution to literature from reputed institutions and publishing houses. Received commendation from the former President of India, A.P.J. Abdul Kalam for her poem 'Mother Nature'. Poems, short stories, articles and research papers published in highly acclaimed dailies, magazines, web-zines and archives at national and international levels  in print and online. Poems and Ghazals published in more than 15 global anthologies. Her poems have been translated into German, Spanish, Russian, Albanian, Persian, and Hindi languages. The topic of her research was "Sri Aurobindo and the Epic Tradition". Research supervisor, RTM Nagpur University, Nagpur, India. Associated with many Poetry Groups and literary associations. Lives in Nagpur with her husband who is a doctor (ophthalmoligist).


  1. You speak in terms of vibrant metaphors, wonderful word craft form a great wordsmith.

  2. All the three poems are excellently penned and uniquely penned in their own ways. The first poem though touched me deeply for it poignancy and the grim imagery painted of a young girl's wasted life and broken dreams - a reality too! Kudos and respects Dr. Ranjana Saran Sinha ji!