Wednesday, July 1, 2020



Last Reflections

The end of the world has come
Without giving us any warning
Thereby not allowing us
To prepare a counter attack
So as to save ourselves!

All I see now around me
Was water,
And drowning people,
When, just seconds before,
I was driving home
From a routine day at work!

My breath will last as long
As the car is not filled up with water
And as long as my lungs can
Resist the pressure!

The games of this world have ended
I did not win anything
But I did not lose anything either
As the life that I led
Was never mine!

I had always prayed for a smooth transition
As I greatly feared the power of water
But it would seem
That the Gods have simply closed themselves
In a medium which did not allow them to hear!

My prayers remained unanswered
And now I will surely suffer for
About two to three long minutes
Before I transcend to where
Those powers ruling over me
Would want me to!

And now, nothing mattered anymore,
Nothing, not even the love which was left
Unaccomplished or the words left unsaid!
No regrets hurt my heart
As the freedom from my toils gave me wings
And I breathed myself into a new world!

You And I

You and I,
We share the same heart,
Yet, being stronger than me
You keep breaking mine
To fill yours up!

We share the same heart
And the same soul
And we shall feel complete
Only when tangled into each other,
As if we were the painter and his art,
Or even,
The dancer and her grace!

But then,
You keep insisting on being better
Knowing not that when you kill me
You indirectly kill yourself!

I am the poetess, and you, my audience
I am the inspiration, and you, the muse
I am the doer, and you, the action
Why, I am,
Because you be!

Hurt me no more,
I shall judge not your actions
Love me, and together,
We shall fill this sorry world
With enough love
As to have it forget its own toils!

Opposites Yet Synonyms

You are the dawn
And I, the dusk
You are the skies
And I, the earth
You are water
And I, fire
You are the one I love
And I, the one you hate!

Still, each night,
I paint a new star in the skies
Meant to sketch upon them
Our love story
As willed by the Gods themselves
And like a bloomed flower
I sit and wait for you,
Refreshing dew droplets to soothe me!

The hurt in me is hidden
By the eternal smile that I wear
And glamour that flashes at me
As I sit and pose for photographs!
But it shall eat me up like a parasite
If you would heal me not with your love!

I wish you would be the pen,
And I, the poem
Or, the light,
And I, the switch
You could even be jewel
And I, the Queen wearing it!

We may be different
But opposites attract
Especially when the inner essence
Are synonyms of each other!


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