Wednesday, July 1, 2020



Ripples In My Life

Painting on heart slab of mine
Me, an inspired artist
Trying to express
The challenges of life.

Off and on I stand
Back from my easel
With growing tenderness
Add strokes of experience.

Fire of desires...
Add few more strokes
Myriad lights, glow on canvas
Mysterious shades, slowly advance.

Brushes of wisdom
Dipped in Ganges of tears
Create elusive pictures
With a divine approach.

Ripples break reaching the edge
In tranquil waters of crystal lake
The self-merge in self
I watch like a serene sage.
Rajashree Mohapatra©

Touch On The Curves

Beyond the lakes
the mountain echoes.

In the garden of love
a soft breeze whispers.

Fragrant verses, air sings
Dreamy cherries bloom to swing.

Eyes shine when sound meets silence
in a shady space, in a distant heaven.

Soft souls are in tender twist
luring streams under blue skies.

Waist beads rattle when love is in air
Curves dazzle in glory and dance bare.

Now our hearts cast a humid light
Over the far hills, singing a serene beauty.

Sweet dews make our wings wet
We are cut in a silken net.

Love shines on the eternal moon
Fire in radiant eyes, a glow of June.

Dancing boughs stretch their arms
Drifting away the souls with charms.

A sweet song sings dancing hearts
Brushes with colours touch my art.
Rajashree Mohapatra©

Don’t Look For Me Love !

Don't look for me Love,
in the inert form of leaves of fall...
There you would find not me
but the fire of anguish,
There droplets of dew hide the tears.

Don’t look for me Love ...
on the earth…in land or in the sky...
in the heaven exalted or in the hell condemned…in their mere songs of emptyness...
I am not there ...

Nor am I there in your memory's
quiet vault forgotten or awakened ...
nor in the casket of your heart as the dream of green survived!

I am in time...would merge in its unbroken flow, in its limitless spread
and in its unspoken word
as one with you
in your state of being united!
Copyright @Rajashree Mohapatra.


RAJASHREE MOHAPATRA is a teacher of Geography by profession. She is a post Graduate in History, in Journalism and mass communication and PG diploma in Environmental Education and waste management. Poetry, painting and journalism are her Passions. Her English poems are translated into many national and foreign languages and are published in prestigious anthologies and in International   ezines. Her poems are aired in three languages. For her Painting is a mode of creative expression and can communicate souls.

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