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A Look At Life-14

A chair on wheels
is all that you have
to move and look
at the world
which is not
as it was

You are on your last leg
confined to bed
interacting and socializing
with an unknown face
but still dreaming and hoping
a better future for your kids to come by
all of you are alike
never desire anything for self
live every bit of life
for the sake of those
who have their own life
to live by

The ocean of love and sacrifice
is in a small well
having no takers
for what she says
the pupil of her eyes
so engrossed in their world
have little time to stand and stare

Nothing has changed
you remained the same
and the world around
your blood even today
are true to yourself
every thing remained the same
only time has changed
and with change in time
changed the priorities of life
and the values and emotions of man
copyright@smrutiranjan 2.7.2015

A Look At Life-15

The fallen martyrs
fighting a lone battle
in their solitary asylums
in a no man's land

The unsung heroes
of many wars
silently languishing
in their lost paradise
unnoticed and uncared
enduring the bitter agony of life

Where are those eyes
that suppressed the voice of innocence
where are those ears
that never listened to
the sad panorama of human woes
where are those hands
that deprieved the poorest of the poor
a roof to stay under
and a piece of bread
to keep their body and soul together
where is that mind
that desired everything for its own
and the pen
that subdued the wisest of the wise
for petty interests of some

For whom you lived
fought a battle of unequals
and made a hell of your life
have left you all alone
to silently witness
the crumbling relics of your empire
to rethink and reassess
and wait for that unceremonious martyrdom

A Look At Life-16

The man on the street
I look at him
He looks at me
The eyes meet the eyes
Never the heart

l barely think about the man,
seemingly insignificant
and completely lost in his own world,
so different from that of ours

He seems to have discarded
the values of the larger society,
so dear to each and has his own likes and dislikes 
that has nothing to do with
our whims and caprices.

I am in a cell
What I learned over the years
and the way I was groomed
prohibits me to treat the man as a man,
the values I inculcated
and lovingly nurtured
comes in the way.

When I retire
from my ignoble strife
with very little life in me,
my tired eyes again meet his,
lively and fresh.
I laugh at him
He smiles with me
I do not know
Whose gesture is true and genuine
copyright@ smrutiranjan 24.7.2015


SMRUTI RANJAN MOHANTY, O.F.S, son of Raj Kishore and Shantilata Mohanty is from Padmapur, Jagatsingpur, Odisha. He is a multilingual poet, essayist and writer whose write ups are published in newspapers and in various national and international magazines, journals and anthologies which are widely acclaimed across the world.  He writes extensively on life and its intricacies. He is a featured poet of the PENTASI B World Friendship Poetry and Year of The Poet, U.S.A. His collection of poems 'A LOOK AT LIFE, SOMETHING I LOOK AT, A LOOK, THE RIVULET, THINK ONCE MORE, THE JOURNEY, AU THARE, AU EKA GAPA, SROTASWINI, JATRA, are in the press.

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