Wednesday, July 1, 2020




In choking darkness
you cross my mind
a familiar cadence
hummed in wordless silence.
The choice was yours
to meander
for fresher pasture
new life calligraphed in destiny’s whim
beseeched a compromise
nursing a sucking wound.
Now in the bend of twilight days
i shuffle abandoned stories
Flashing sepia images
a little voice inside me whispers
“let me out”
i look at the sky star studded
a toddler’s wonder
kindness crucified
in the milky darkness of night
oozes free
i easily forgive.


Deserted streets, downed shutters
Blistered feet, dumb shrieks
A world of oppressive stillness plagues me
Words stagger and pause
As I try to scribble some semblance of a poem
My mind in penumbral obscurity.

The little bird at my window sill
A daily visitor tweets ‘hello’
Tries to bewitch me with impish pranks
The new tendrils of the creeper
Sway to greet good day
I stare at them blank without any cheer
They wonder at my apathy
Drowned am I in insipidness of ‘new normal’
A repertoire in isolation.

I long for a shaft of ‘sunshine on my shoulder’
Once spelling happiness
It peeps through the Eastern window scanty
I smear a dose of Vitamin D
To ward off my quarantine blues.

A Poem

A guilt pleads your eyes
In the shadowy corner of your lashes
A pearl glistens.

A hint of solace thirsts my soul
In the swaying rhythm of flowers
Your smile doodles

In ecstasy I rise renewed
On the sun kissed ripples of blue
Your poem dazzles.


AMITA RAY, former associate professor of English is based in Kolkata, India. An academic of varied interests she is a translator, short story writer and poet. She has two books in translation to her credit. Her short stories have been published in The Sunday Statesman, Cafe Dissensus, Setu and other on line journals. Her poems have also been published and feature in anthologies.

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