Wednesday, July 1, 2020



A Private Wound

In this setting sun of the spring
Thousands wet eyes under the azure sky
Thousands already dead
Life is fragile, so is love
Tired souls
Time never waits
Moss grows in the bleeding heart

Lock down at home
Silence of graveyard, deepening fear of virus
At a distance,
Chime of temple bells, prayers
Bidding adieu
Left behind the syllables of life and death
Terror hides in this deceitful spring

Barren roads, voices lost in the wind
Sun will rise again
From the ruin of death
For you leaving behind
Tuberose burnt
And my heart
Into pieces…
© Asoke Kumar Mitra

If You

Nights here are without dream
You offer roses distilled
From your blood
This evening passionately wipes the shadow

The salty taste of tears
Your heart plays softly
Each night
You dump silently

The grief in your lips
Time stood still
You smiled and whispered
Bounced up into spring of dream

You a silent language of the wind

One Day

‘isn’t it thirty years?
Yes, long time!

She holds his hand
It has not lost its luster;

Without any bondage
Mirror tells him, who he is

Looks up at his forehead
‘what are these lines?’

Thirty years
Their cries and their laughter


ASOKE KUMAR MITRA: FROM KOLKATA, INDIA Born 1950, from Kolkata, India, studied at Hindu school and St. Xavier’s College, Kolkata. He is a retired journalist and editor of “CALCUTTA CANVAS” and “INDUS CHRONICLE”. He is a bilingual poet. He has contributed to various anthologies published in India and abroad. His poems are translated into Hindi, Punjabi, Assamese, Italian, French, German, Polish, Persian, Serbian, Arabic, Hebrew, Malay, Mandarin, Romanian, Spanish, Azerbaijani, Russian, Uzbek, Kirghiz, Greek, Swedish, Norwegian, Chinese, Catalan. “SAVAGE WIND” is his first poetry book, a bilingual edition, translated into Spanish by Mexican poet Josep Juarez. This has a separate edition published by Altaspera Publishing &Literary Agency INC, in Canada and distributed by LULU, IE under separate ISBN. The Italian version of “SAVAGE WIND” is also  published from Italy  with Italian translation by poet Elisa Mascia, Italy. “SONG OF PEBBLES” is his second book, a bilingual edition, translated into French by Marjorie  Meetoo  from Mauritius. Published from Kolkata, India. Poetry, photography, paintings are his passions.