Wednesday, July 1, 2020



These Things I Hold True

My songs weave a story,
A story about you and me,
We wander on the wings of my songs
Across the streams, mountains and valleys.

Love will guide us through,
We won't lose our way,
It's symphony of love
These things I hold true.

Lost in a world of our own
We caress our wounds,
I search myself in your eyes,
We discover our hearts in this universal playground.

Far, far away the waves crash on a sandy shore,
Our laughter bubble in a musical rhapsody,
You hold me in your arms tight,
I no longer have any fear of drowning.

Trapped By Bitterness

Life scripted the plot,
Trying to tell something,
Conveying a message?
So confusing.
I'm in a daze,
So perplexed,
Countless questions crowd my mind,
Where's the end ?
Nothing seems to be right,
Trapped by bitterness
I'm drowning in my silence,
Life now is much like flying a kite.
Fear grips the soul,
What if tomorrow everything comes to a standstill,
What if my heart goes into quarantine
And I forget to love?
Got to make an effort and rise from a dungeon so grim,
As dark as a prison,
Tough to find the way out,
Senses have turned stiff.
Who knows life must be pushing us
To write a new story,
To begin afresh,
New thoughts to shape the course of our history.

Where's The Road To Recovery?

Standing at the end of a blind lane,
Where's the road to recovery?
Life has come to a standstill,
Getting pulled deeper into the snuggery of misery.
Why are we still sleeping?
It's time to wake up,
Death has come riding on a runaway horse
And we remain stuck in the stirrups.
Now, within tears is hidden our laughter,
The temple bell sounds less like a prayer,
More like a knell,
I only want to know how tears can turn into laughter?
Standing at the end of a blind lane,
Where's the road to recovery?


NANDINI MITRA is born and brought up in Kolkata, West Bengal. She has completed her Master's degree in English literature from the prestigious, Jadavpur University. She is a teacher by profession and excels in the field of music too. She stepped into the world of poetry since 2011 and then there was no looking back. She hasn't published her works yet, but her words never fail to stir the hearts of her readers. Many of her poems have featured in various anthologies.

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