Tuesday, September 1, 2020



At Fault

I am at fault
trying to get across you
expressing my pain, my abandonment!
Prying to see if you are at ease
is there anything to do
to make the connect…
My heart feels, I berate myself
the unloved me…
get scolding for asserting
craving, losing dignity…
Everywhere I look for you…
for a word to reassure my wrung heart
still wet with dregs of your love!
Alas! my pleads are met with nudges strong
am guilty of whimpering…
my tears, lost pearls string less dispelled!
Yet I see you stringing others verse
into soulful garlands at ease
Only I appear guilty
of remorseless love
a shameless nagging imposter
all to get your attention
maybe a word!
I wander how things altered so…
when you would woo me
make all efforts to see
now I seem to woe you
in my efforts to hear,
from afar, to see dream not!

Birth Of A Mother

Today a mother was born
a new journey begun
Focus shifted from myself to you
you became mine
our relationship grew
from helpless infant
suckling at my breast
you turned sides
walked on all fours
took your first step
towards independence!
Despite my busy schedule
your thoughts kept me afloat
you were a constant joy!
Pleasure I took
in being with you
doing all I could…
Now you are 15
a foot taller than me
You come home in vacation
yet I miss your infancy
the bond we share has grown!
Hormones now play within you
you know not who you are
My child just be you
rest will fall in place!

Dual Self

I am my own shadow
I live a dual life
My light self
glistens in the outer sheen
wearing smiles ready
to suit various roles
Earning my living
managing my home
doing my duties
spick and span
all set to serve my virtuous self
My dark self-smiles
an all-knowing smile
winks at the light self
in conspiratorial glee
waiting to peep in
tired of lying still
it lounges forth
cracking the steely sheen
The light self withdraws
leaving its glow
dark self-guffaws
has its full play
breaking every rule book
shinning as road tar
in its primordial best
The two selves meet
and dwell in the same sky
as the dawn and dusk
embrace the fleeting and settling
darkness of the night
which lends meaning
to the sparkle in the daylight!


MADHU SRIWASTAV is an academic, writer, poet, translator, reviewer. She is based in Kolkata. She has published her poems in several International and National anthologies and journals such as GloMag, Setu Bilingual Journal, Teesta Review, Borderless Journal, Our Poetry Archive. She has performed poetry in several Poetry festivals such as Apeejay Kalam Literary Festival, Guntur International Poetry Festival, GIWEC etc. Her debut book of poems is Trips Climbs Circles by Authorspress.

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