Tuesday, September 1, 2020



I Waited

I waited till the waters reversed back to the arid streams

After the torrid heat of summer months

I waited till the moon grew sliver by sliver

Plumping up with silvery moonlight on fragrant nights

I waited till the tear drops burst like rainbow bubbles

And dried like streaks on my glistening cheeks

I waited till the heart burnt into a cinder in the furnace

Deep in the shadowy sitting room in the sobbing hills
Copyright Lily Swarn23.7.2020

The Book Of Life

She never stops teaching me

Relentlessly prodding and pushing me

My book of life walks the dingy gullies with me

It lights up my path and opens the windows

Letting in the breeze of experience

She sits me down and lectures me

About the vagaries of destiny

She is like my persistent mother

The book of life loves me

It gifts me presents in gossamer wraps

And whisks me away to never land.
Copyright Lily Swarn 22..7.2018

Kataar (Dagger)

Musical pitter patter of prattling rain

Soaking the satin skin of my being

Gusts of confetti spraying petals

Salmon pink with blotches of wine

Jasmine wooing the breeze with inebriated courtship rituals

Rain tree soggy, soggy with grief

You could have crooned me a thhumri today

The one you sang on the terrace that dusk

As my tender, trusting, timorous eyes

Were set aflame by the fiery rays of the somnolent sun

“Koyaliya mat kar pukaar

Morey karejwa laagey kataar”
Copyright Lily Swarn 21.7.2020


LILY SWARN: Internationally acclaimed, Multilingual poet, author, columnist, Peace Ambassador, radio show host, motivational speaker is a gold medalist and has University Coolers for Best Actress and Histrionics. She is Ambassador of Peace and Humanity for Ghana, Morocco. Her book, “A Trellis of Ecstasy “was lauded by The Journal of Commonwealth Literature, London. “The Gypsy Trail “, “Lilies of the Valley “, History Om My Plate” have rave reviews. Lily has won 45 International and national awards. Her poetry has been translated into 16 languages and her Urdu ghazals sung.

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