Tuesday, September 1, 2020



Strive Towards Positivity

My mind, a well full of positivity
Strives towards a bright future;
A future that will hold no grudges of past,
A future that will have no crestfallen memories,
A future that will peep through the web of success
And a future that will promise hunger for betterment.
Long skinny roads, wearing the uneasiness of worries
Have grabbed me once to try them
With a daring heart risking my life,
And I, coating the valour in my skin,
Tried all of them all one by one.
Some taught me to stumble and fall,
Some taught me to rise and stand tall,
Some taught me to cry and stop
And some taught me to laugh and fight.
Lost in the thoughts of these trying times,
I sharpen my pen to write a new history
Keeping faith, the new day is no longer a mystery.
I patronize my soul that weaves power
When I gasp and think to rest.
Bewitched by mighty words and verses,
I pray for a new world colouring the love
And bestow my reverence to the almighty God.
'Live, laugh and love', these three mantras of life
Will take us to the eternal positive vibes.
~ ©storytellersuchismita

Of Water And Rejuvenation

Water drops cascading from my eyes,
Holding the values of an unfixed past,
Curving the world in a dismal room,
And painting the scenario with the abrupt
Shades of maddening emotions.
I look through the pavement of my heart,
Evasive with the taunting thoughts,
And I glide past the haunting pool
Of untouchable feelings and expressions.
Stooping low before a defeated phase,
My tear drops turn dews and then evaporate
As the mind holds the bulky unholiness
And burdened with the fear of tantrums.
Horrifies me the glistening idol of glamour;
Full of vague spuriousness and fraudulence,
I strongly boycott all the blatant pangs
As I have encompassed my feelings
In the beautiful box of gloomy aches.
The vast azures ocean of agonizing scream
Calls me for an expedition to insipidly own.
Water drops caroling for my triumph story
As I hail from the land of ultimate glory.
~ ©storytellersuchismita

Unfold The Love

An uncertain & dark life
Spent under the shield of deprived feelings,
A lifestyle broken, starving for a meal
Shrieks aloud for a shiny day to laugh.
There come some cheerful humanitarians
Who uplift the neediest like their babies,
Rescuing from the malice of death.
A hungry gets to eat, a lonely gets a companion,
A homeless trace a home & a diseased finds recovery.
The charming sun hasn't gone to set,
It is yet to cover everyone with the light of compassion,
And then comes the foundations
Turning the dreams into a beautiful reality,
By marinating lives with the syrup of care and love.
The valiant hearts knows nothing if they ever
Get to see the untold screams of a refugee,
Or an infant or a cancer patient or simply a war-torn.
I wish everyone in the world would be bestowed
With such purity and sanctity in their minds
To take brave steps of curing lives & painting smiles.
Let's pray for a tomorrow, less of pain & full of gains,
& people embrace each other with love, forgetting revenge.
~ ©storytellersuchismita


SUCHISMITA GHOSHAL Co-authoring for more than 150 anthologies, journals & magazines, both from national and international arenas, Suchismita Ghoshal from Malda, West Bengal dreams high to achieve the heights keeping her feet to the ground. Being a science graduate, currently majoring in Political Science and pursuing diploma in Media Science and Mass Communication, she also works as a social activist for a Govt. Registered NGO "Prayas Welfare Society'' . A poet, professional writer, scribbler, professional book critic, storyteller, columnist, copy-editor at NotionPress Publishing, content writer, creative writing professional, nature lover and a change agent and former Worldwide Ambassadors' Coordinator for Global Youth Leaders Network, Suchismita also aims to heal people with the majesty of her words. She is a member of various international writing communities. Her work has been published by several publication house including Fanatix Publication, Delhi Poetry Slam, Notionpress Publishing, Book Squirrel Publication, Kalon Maple Publishing, Evincepub Publishing, Bishara Publication, PenBrew Publishers, Inkfeathers Publishing, Kalamos Publishers, Undivided Magazine (Canada), Trouvaille Review (USA), Genre Urban Arts (USA), Explicit Journal (USA), SheWilllSpeak Series (USA), Forever Endeavour Magazine (UK) and many more.  She is an environmental activist too who recently brought reality to her dream as her debut book named "Fields of Sonnet ''. Her hard work has decorated her with several awards and accolades till now including REX KARMAVEER CHAKRA AWARD( instituted by iCONGO and powered by UNITED NATIONS),  AUTHOR PAGES BEST WOMAN WRITER AWARD 2020,  INDIAN YOUTH GENIUS AWARD 2020,  INDIAN YOUTH STAR AWARDS 2020, AAGHAAZ 2K20 AWARD, THE SPIRIT MANIA INFLUENTIAL WOMEN AWARD 2K20, TOP 50 POPULAR AUTHOR AWARDS 2K20 By THE SPIRIT MANIA and NE8X LITERARY AWARD 2K20, INTERNATIONAL GOLDEN AWARD by Deep Dan Foundation etc.

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