Tuesday, September 1, 2020



Life Is Magical

Life is the result of God’s love for the soul,
Blinded by greed, pride, envy and hate,
Life’s magic is often ignored.
A pure heart is the cure for this illness.

How can a bird sing so many different beautiful songs?
What is the meaning of a sunrise and sunset?
Where does a rainbow get its colors?
Is the Black Forest really black?

Why do mother’s hugs are better than painkillers?
Why is a handmade gift better than one that’s been bought?
Are miracles really planned by God?
Why do little things make us happier than an accomplished task?

All these questions in our mind
With a loaf of knowledge, a teaspoon of determination
And an amount of attention
Is what we need to realize that life has a magical part.

Crescent Moon

Sitting atop Selena’s tiara,
It shines bright almost as the sun.
Together with the twinkling stars
She is quite a sight.

The Path

Walking along the unknown path,
You hold my hand to calm me.
Bad omens try to cover the blue sky
But your presence inspires me to have a lion heart.

Harder and harder the path has become,
Time isn’t waiting for anyone.
You always encourage me to never give up on my dream
Despite you getting old and me growing up.


GEORGIANA-LAURA GHEORGHE - Brăila – România. Born in a country with a wonderful history, customs, traditions and culture, she’s a sensitive soul whom considers writing as a way to express her untold feelings and opinions. She’s a translator, but creative writing is one of the many hobbies she has. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in the English Language and Literature – French Language and Literature – Philology at “Spiru Haret” University in Bucharest, Faculty of Letters – Bucharest (Romania) and a Master’s Degree in Translation and Interpretation at “Dunărea de Jos” University of Galaţi (Romania). She competed at a few national creative writing contests such as the “Adrian Păunescu” National Poetry Writing Contest, 2019 and international literary championships such as the “Eid Special Caption Contest” 2020, the “WPC – 130”, 2020 and so on. She was awarded the International Literature Trophy by the World Literature Academy and the World Poets Association on April 23rd, 2020, she received the Menzione D’Onore at the “Il Parnaso - Concorso di Poesia - Premio Angelo La Vecchia” International Poetry Competition in Italy 2020, received the Certificate of Achievement for Dedication to serving Culture & Humanity from the Munir Mezyed Foundation for Arts & Culture, during the International „Odyssey” Festival, Craiova, October 10th, 2019 and won the Excellence Award at the International Poetry Championship, September 2019. She published poetry in various national and international literary magazines and anthologies, and launched her first bilingual poetry book “What is life?” on September 2019. Other than creative writing, she likes to listen to music mostly classical, instrumental and soundtracks, travel and navigate on the Internet.

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