Tuesday, September 1, 2020



The Children

I wondered where the Paradise is
But then I looked into the children's eyes.
I asked where happiness is,
And then I looked at children's smiles.
I wanted to know what the secret of life is,
And then I discovered children's hearts.
I wondered why there is so much hate in the world,
When there are the children.

These innocents of the Earth
Are our treasure of an incredible future,
Where people will talk the same language,
The language of pure Love,
An amazing world in a normal future.

Just look at the children
And you will know what an angel is.
And angels...never lie.

When the sky

When the sky is blue
All my world is you.
When the sky is black
The sadness comes back.

When the birds all sing
I still wait your ring.
When the day is gone
I still feel alone.

When the sky is blue
I just think at you
When the sky is black
You never come back.
© Sorina Ivan - All rights reserved.


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