Tuesday, September 1, 2020



Every Morning

Sorry Madam...
As you hang out the laundry every morning,
I see your bosoms playing on the edge of the roof.
I took a glimpse of them as they were falling off the laundry line and biting my fingers.
The twilight over your eyebrows is flirting with your nipples
And the sun, that cunning widow…
Threw her shadow in the washing ball as soon as it woke up.

The Dream
That Passed From Over There

I’m not recognizable to the dream that passed from over there.
I waited for it a long time...
As I was standing under a tree counting its fingers.
I was on the sidewalk but it didn’t bother.
I was just looking at the sky
As I passed it a poem...

The Cat

I have a cat with seven lives.
On its eyes, all this world’s witches sleep.
When I throw it a fish, the wretched thing flies like a star.
It’s so naïve that it sweeps its shadow with the night’s smell.
I still see it every night on a pile of water destroying my fingers
To hunt the twilight for the moon’s rats...
As the mud is not paying attention, all the trees fall asleep,
So it roams the house in confusion, searching for me with a painful pride.
Then it stumbles upon my poems in the garden
As I’m under a tree, stained like an ink spot...


FETHI SASSI: He is a Tunisian poet. Born in 1.6.1962, Nabul, Tunisia. He is a writer of prose poetry, short poems and haiku.  He is a translator of all his poems to English and for others great poets. Poetry Books: A Seed of Love (2010) I dream …. And I sign on birds the last words (2013) A sky for a strange bird ( 2016, Egypt) As  lonely rose … one chair (March 2017, Egypt)  I used to hang my face behind the door ( April 2018) A new way for absence (April2019) Member of : -Tunisian Writers’ Union  -Literature Club of Sousse

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