Tuesday, September 1, 2020



Sweetly Lie To Me.

How sweet and pleasant is the word "love"
is born with a glance. a word. A smile a kiss
continues with a bunch of flowers. A gift. meeting. temporarily sweetness
but more beautiful. his bitterness. when she returns tears and prayers

a miracle that the word love loses its meaning
we live in a time when they fearfully try it
the volcano of disappointment. drown in the lava of injury
someone smiles sweetly. And for you the tears of everyday life continue

heartlessly tell me. I’m busy as. kam
next to the perch. under the armpit of betrayal
phone. disposition. dedication. I am haunted
like a matchstick ..burn me in the fire of innocence

for me no time ..no feeling nor even just a word
but the other where he forgives. gives him reasons without reason mood where he finds
un as a wrongdoer ..born to endure and forgive
you have the blood of a traitor who feeds the aorta of the heart with it

you smile figuratively .as a model top in pictures
before my innocent eyes he finds the reasoning at the moment
foolishly sigh and sigh and believe you again
and you sarcastically your victim. Sweets and lies ...

Poisoned Spring!

What did you bring us, my majesty?
The air we want, why did you stop me?
You made my lungs wrinkle my mushrooms
you quietly transformed my liveliness

Two bites of frightened bread frightened eats
Shaking with fear like a mouse in a hole
Locked inside the walls, he puts the key to the door
No words, no hands, no sighs, nothing
Neither hand as should I give it to anyone to behave deafly. meme without mouth without voice

Well I had a piece of room and I have a place to hang out
A piece of bed a pillow where the head to sleep
If you are a poor beggar who wanders the streets for a piece of bread
Where will you find salvation from this poison where you hide??

But you "oh wretched" do not be afraid to skew
You will find something from the virus or any kind of flu that passes
Where money and luxury lock you inside
There he touches because there he found the nest

We thought along with Winter the heartless old man we conveyed
Earthquake, victims, ruins that we and the whole world saw with our own eyes
We waited for a sweet spring full of sweet honey
But the pain already increased and the poisoned spring came anyway !!

Until when?? until when? Does this bitter poison end?
In world histories neither seen nor heard
Closed within four walls with the key in the door
Even breathing is forbidden???

Escape the poisoned spring along with the poison it brought
Give me back the freedom you unjustly took from me
Give me back the light of my eyes that darkened my eyes
You brought back the smile from my life that stopped me

My heart does not make me but I have to curse you
For better or worse I have to shout at you
It gives me a ray of hope that the soul is bursting
Let go, let God take care of you and let your woe be done, I told you!!!

I Am Innocent My Tears!

Desperate to use. Tear took the opportunity
Still not the rudeness of updating time
I'm not so sinful .and why so many came to me
why yes why so flowing to me. injuries. Suffering and disappointments

why oh tears chose me. Spread in life
do I have the right to life? Or life s.me gives me right
is there light and hope for me. Or Only Night of smoke and fog
or so life came. Or as day offers to understand

you am what is possible. justice as guardianship.as s.duroj
are that ideal female. That I honestly nurture myself
I'm better to see. And with the look I struggle
but even though in this. time to kill myself that I find

I am the same one who meets the criteria of a woman who dreams of who she is
I live by criteria and morals .no All who have and enjoy
I only know justice. But time allows more
Japanese etiquette culture. Who deserves it

they do not know evil. because evil never sows in itself
I am the offspring of goodness
I do not agree show me ..with ignorance and folly mar
Fully announce altitude values. You are qualities as a female representative

I have no face, but I have wealth, family and morals
not that they for arrogance. As I want to sell you mind
as nobody's subject. But the injury and the use of tears are forgiven
but I want to be real ... and the truth for every angle

I do not live in luxury. But luxury and haram that I covet
I just want a little ... but with sweat on my forehead with work and cleanliness
to see the way that possible after. And after him to run
with one face my Mother gave birth to me. I live one .and not me two because it stains and stains

I have a name and a wife ... but I believe in the work of manhood
even though his own army. Too narrow to walk in war
even though in the sea of ​​innocence. I drowned and direct money
but never the Awakening of sun
 I smeared. With nothing negative. I decided to determine the goodness of this humanity


Miranda Troci Derti: Birthday 26/07/1972. Born in the village of Rec and living in Peshkopi. Mother of four children. Graduated. History geography. Occupation. Teacher. Poets. Author Lyrics. Passion poetry.

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