Tuesday, September 1, 2020



Come Wheel With Me

So what if I can’t walk..
So what if I can’t run..
So what if half the things you do..
I can’t do for fun!

Come wheel with me, my friend..
I’ll take you to wonderland..
Where you’ll find your fears..
Just don’t, a chance stand!

So what if my world looks different..
So what if I’m not like you..
So what if things you take for granted..
I can’t afford to do!

Come wheel with me, my friend..
I promise I won’t slow you down..
Rather with me you’ll find..
A man who has learnt to no longer frown!

A Sinner’s Plea

They say my father’s in heaven
And that he is a mighty king
Surrounded by hordes of angels
Who praise his glory and sing!

Through oppression and defeat
He makes us wander still
Because in his eyes we’re warriors
Who will conquer all of life’s ills!

The tempest rolls and thunder sounds
It’s darkness all abound
But in my father’s heavenly arms
There’s peace, comfort and love found!

A sinner is what I am dear Lord
Full of doubt and fear
But don’t give up on me just yet
For your mercies make my warrior spirit cheer!

Façade Of Happiness

Silently she weeps in the dark
The pain in her heart
Has dulled her inner spark
As each tear.. her pillow soaks
Silently the hurt .. her beauty cloaks!!

As the night progresses towards dawn
She wonders what daylight will bring
As emotions have made her their pawn
Strength she seems to have none
As she pines for just ONE!!

Each dream each promise each hope
Seems washed away by her outpour
Hollowness within.. makes her soul mope
As she watches silently the sun’s ascend
She knows it’s time to once again pretend!!


NEHA SARAH from Jaipur, presently living in Hyderabad is a Wild Child, a voracious reader with an active imagination, who has always found beauty in the written word. By the grace of God, she is also blessed with the talent to write her heart out. Her poems are a reflection of her thoughts, fears, triumphs and defeats. She hopes reading them brings you as much joy and relief as it brought her while writing them. You can also find her writings under the handle @soulresounds on Instagram.

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