Sunday, November 1, 2020





Poems Under The Navel Of The Sky..


The heavens have given up their colours

And the caravan of the day is perplexed.. in the Milky Way

extinguished the lamps of the temples

between the boards of the servants

The forgotten clay digit

She reproduced with abundant sustenance

They said we built him a grave

in the absence of the moon...

He tasted the putrid wind

And he licks his atoms

And he wanders with changed ears

Her braids embrace the rivers of my dreams

That childish face

sow happiness in the fields of my hashish

So the fluids of light came out

between peels dazzled by kisses

Jealousy mounted on horseback

So the sun tended to connect..

Flights have resumed

delayed clouds

With a gate stabbing the stars

The herald called out

Live on the permissible

And Anati remained Handala

The burning bitterness of the cry

His back arched with stoning..

lips of your loaf of brown bread

rambling the grooves of a journalist

Withered How do I keep poems

I wrote under the navel of the sky..?

Infested with greedy opportunists

And the stories of the ghoul's desires

Al-Urwa Al-Wuthqa


........ topless

.............. tilted

...................... inclinations

And they are weaned around them

behind them with four rak'ahs

The plural of shortening or what he owns from relations.





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