Sunday, August 1, 2021





In Poetry


I stopped talking about myself, long ago

I felt I'm a net of micro-electrical discharges

A continuous information flow

The result of the influence of others' feelings and thoughts on my conscientious antenna

Some people influence me more

But it is a kind of willing enslavement

It becomes often torture, death of the conscious

So, I isolate myself and watch from afar to preserve a piece of my freedom

As farther as I go

It haunts me, chases me, influences me though

It is constructing the frame I live in

It inspires me,


I hurt myself by shaping me towards the others

I leave no one behind; I follow them or take them with me

You are the only one who escaped

And still, you complain I produced your loneliness

I never let alone your shadow though

I never stopped singing the way you taught me




The Knights’ Betrayal


Oh, what an obvious group paranoia!

I wasn't hoping to experience it!

Everything’s a chance for consciousness.

However, I feel quite disappointed

A panacea to drive hordes of noble knights turning against King Arthur uncritically...

Black magic? 


No, the hawking snake oil wasn't capable of causing such a transformation!

The knights themselves were warped. 


Courteous and skilled in equestrian fights

But not faithful soul and body to the King

They expressed Their true nature

I finally see it from nearby... 

It hurts

But it's time to see it.

Everything can happen... Why not?

One can be fooled, especially when he never had known what myopia is 




The Only Thing I Know Is Who I Am Now


Many people think I'm joking

All the time

Others think I show off

Others that I have an immense ego

Some think I laugh at them

And I hope only a few I' m nuts or evil

Many think I' m an opportunist...


No matter what people think

No matter what you think

No matter if my spontaneity often makes me feel ashamed

No matter if  I often hide myself from people cos my personality cannot hide its internal turmoil

No matter if I dare to have my own hopes and dreams and draw my path once in the box and then outside

Cos that's what I feel right

And when I feel I prefer not to think

No matter all the opinions of the world

I'm proud

I preserved my internal freedom

I can be always true

At least the true I can be a given minute

In a madly changing world

Cos I swear I'll never stop changing

I like to constantly change

To observe my changes and accept them

To celebrate them

One thing on me doesn't change

I love unconditionally

Do you? Can you?

Perhaps many people can

But for me

This is my best accomplishment

Everything else

Can be criticized or transformable

Be my guests

I can take it.

The only thing I know is who I am

Who I am now





CHRYSSA VELISSARIOU, published Poet and Physics professor, and entrepreneur, the 1st International Beat Poet Laureate, Greece 2017-18, Greece Beat Poet Laureate 2019-Lifetime, honored by the National Beat Poetry Foundation, Inc.

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