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Places You Can Find Love


My search for love

The language of lost want

Amid dwindling supplies.


Yet there are places you can find love

In sudden hungry flames, in ashes and bones.


In sudden sunlit dens,

In dark, superfluous corners,

Dream children float around, I quietly shut my eyes.


Yet there are places you can find love

In inarticulate car rides, amid provocations and violations.


You know the landscape of my nights by now,

The swallowing silence of my moments

Behind locked doors, when our words bleed our chards.


Yet there are places you can find love

In the pages of our familiar earth, I move around, awkward.


For ages, we have wandered amid remembered winds

Inhaling cities and skies and the places of our birth

Striving to find the moorings of our skin, the traces of our scars.


Yet there are places you can find love

You caress my sin, lost in liberation, when our dark bodies converge. 



True Love Meets Poetry


True love, I say, is a fucked-up form

An intersection between flesh, rhythm and melody.

Moments of becoming, then unbecoming

Overdosed love letters and a hundred pre-deaths

Translated as rhythmic reminders

Of the best of you, the best of me, both of us

Floating in our torrid sea, learning the art

Of bleeding, learning to be free in the art of estrangement.


A true and free verse, I say, is a fucked-up love story

An explosion of failed rhymes soaked in disorderly brine

A lover, a dancer, a king or queen of bitterness and dark melody

Striving to write stories of raging silence, the revolution of dying.

A dreamer of an embryo, swimming in the motherly belly of memories

And pain, a jazz singer entrapped in displaced music, notes flowing

Music of wounded souls, wet, amorous bodies of staggering words

Drenched in the dark rain, when it rains sometimes,

In the badlands of lethal poetry.


True love meets free verse, sonnet and the river poems of Sufi poets.

They talk about torrents and explosion, wronged births of poetry Gods

And divas, and dive in the cosmic water-bodies of soulful melancholy.

Free verse, the petrichor of rhymes are reborn in the nakedness of despair.



The Earth She Holds


[A poem born instantly and instinctively today from my humble pen as my daughter Sharanya worked on and finished an artwork/sketch of a human hand holding the wonder and miracle of hope, a universe of mountains and verdant green. Hoping of the resurgence of our planet, this is our small collaboration as a tribute to the people of this planet who, I know, will soon rise from despair into a new dawn of hope. ]


Atoms of consciousness spurt, breaking open

In the sunlight of eternity.

Through membranes of the fertile brain,

The soft core of the earth resurges,

pushing through the ragged, rickety truths of

Diseased, war-stricken humans.

The earth, in her diaphragm of hope and orange blossom of planet love

The earth cocooned in supple hands, a legacy

Of mountains and unborn plants in embryo.

Her mirth and persistent dream of this earth,

Yet to be born, is not a scream, a dissent.

It is rather, a vision of a wordless world, submerged, a green song.

The earth, like a cradle she holds, stumbling into poems of lovelessness

The earth in our sheltered living room,

Waking up from the wreckage of its ashes.

All Rights Reserved. Lopamudra Banerjee. June 22, 2021




LOPA BANERJEE is an author, poet, translator, editor with six books and four anthologies in fiction and poetry. She lives in Dallas, Texas with her family, but is originally from Kolkata, India. She has been a recipient of the Journey Awards (First Place category winner) for her memoir ‘Thwarted Escape: An Immigrant’s Wayward Journey’, and also a recipient of the Woman Achiever Award (IWSFF, 2018), the International Reuel Prize for Poetry (2017) and International Reuel Prize for her English translation of Nobel Laureate Tagore’s selected works of fiction (2016). Her nonfiction essays, fiction and other writings have been published in various journals, e-zines and anthologies in India, UK and USA. She is also a consulting editor for Blue Pencil Publishers, India. Recently, she has been a featured poet at Rice University, Houston and her poems have also been featured at Stanford University’s ‘Life in Quarantine’ project recently. She has co-produced the poetry film 'Kolkata Cocktail' directed by Shuvayu Bhattacharjee, where she has also featured as one of the lead actors. Her works are available on her website and also in and Amazon India.


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