Sunday, August 1, 2021






Carnations arouse my consciousness,

your consciousness

when we build up our days in strange places

of mysterious trees and wandering clouds.

At night, we listen to the sounds

of green cemeteries echoing

in the white skull of the birds.

Carnations drive our memory

into verses, paper, southern sea-gulls,

sweet dates and white magnolias.

Carnations carry the scents of our dreams.

When the breezes touch your silent lips,

I slip into the night and navigate in the light,

writing the darkest flower of my poems.


Flowers In September 


So often, poets commit suicide,

like white roses flowering

in September!

Their songs scintillate in their exile,

with their flames and mist.

Captives of their depths,

sunk in the swirls of the world,

their bodies are seeds, sap, fruits.

Their eyes are living landscapes,

their hands build towers of disquiet.

Their faces do not vanish,

nor their writings,

shining in their sealed graves

and their faces of dew and light.




The sea can look like a Bruckner


the islands of Paul Claudel,

a blue ring, a wounded sound,

a mysterious soul,

a bunch of Winter oranges.

The sea can look like a lingering

seagull, your face,

the forgotten mist.

Your eyes can look like

an unfinished symphony,

an accomplished dream,

a heavenly look,

or the salty water that I drink

in your eyes full of music.



MARIA DO SAMEIRO BARROSO (Portugal) is a medical doctor and a multilingual poet, translator, essayist and researcher in Portuguese and German Literature, translations studies and History of Medicine. She has authored over 40 books of poetry, published in Portugal, Brazil, Spain, France, Serbia, Belgium, Albany, USA, and translations and books of essays. Her poems are translated into over twenty languages. She was awarded national and international prizes such as International Prize Pray of Mother Teresa, Literary Club “Gjon Nikkollë Kazazi, Gjakovë, Kosovo (2019); Prix du Concours International de poésie de l'Académie Européene des Sciences, des Arts et des Lettres (AESAL) 2020; 1st Prize "Versos del Pilcomayo” Bolivia (2020).


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