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It Harms


To give credit to rash words,

insinuations directed towards those who at the center of life are of irrefutable inner beauty,

often happens even to the wisest of immense love protected,

find yourself at dusk on a rock that touches the sky in its immense altitude.


surprising challenge to that unspeakable void,

nebula is sight,

likewise the mind becomes clouded by drowning in suicidal thoughts

not of herself,

attempt to put an end to the vital sentiment.

Look at the precipice.

There is a chasm in the rebellious soul,

that yearns for quiet,

aware of having a gift with him of unparalleled value,

offered on a crystalline tray studded with diamonds that glow even more in the dark.

Blatant mistake.

No, stop,


do not make a mistake,

take your life back in your hand,

from up there offer love with both hands to the one who redounds your heart by creating drops of love,

perennial stalactites testifying to his sublime love for him.

Do not allow shady false humans, masquerading as false truths,

to unhinge the true love

dressed in sublime elegance.


 On The Scale


The toxic sense of jealousy,

it insinuates itself impetuously and diabolical among human feelings.

Easy to designate the victim,

to unhinge the good of those we love.

Immense value of boundless love,


aimed at shooting the one who wants to be the winner

and at all times, in different ways, tempting to test strength or weakness.

He even devises to place the light object of attention on the scales to achieve his goal

and on the other there is the built castle of thirty-one million and more than seconds,

built with extreme patience and participation,

multiplied by two.

Reflection is necessary: ​​in order not to err anymore, after passing whims,

with the occlusion of imaginary doors and windows left wide open on the seashore that welcomed the tears, fueling the bursting tsunami between the two.

The toxicity of the moody, ignored jealousy comes off the plate,

she moves away, returning to her place, bothered in vain by remote evil evil aftermaths.

Freedom triumphs.

The peace of the victorious soul continues following the path of "forever".  For those who have faith, they see the light in the enveloping spirituality that consecrates a love.





Try to make room for secondary and main doors,

respects no one, they are all the same,

constant risk of being contaminated,

devious and invisible evil.

He enters and clings with suction cups to close and let the great feelings die where the protagonist is love,

he is the real antagonist.

He unhinges the good manifested and declaimed in all languages,

heart communication,


He undoes what has been built,

now it's essential,

no one can take away,

no vaccination to immunize.


contaminated with love.




ELISA MASCIA: Born in Santa Croce di Magliano (Cb), on 13/04/1956, she lives and works in San Giuliano di Puglia (Cb). Retired teacher. Writing is a real need for life and draws inspiration from anything or any surrounding event. She has participated in various national and international poetry competitions obtaining awards, certificates of participation, merit and honorable mentions. She receives invitations and convocations to multiple international and world events, commemorative and themed events in which she participates. In July 2019 the first collection of unpublished poems was published in a book entitled "The Grater of the Moon" by the publisher L'inedito Letterario with the editorial by Fabio Martini. She participated in IX of the XXXIV editions of the Histonium Prize, in 2019 with the Silloge of 10 unpublished poems inspired by 10 paintings by the great artist and poet Erminio Girardo n. on 12-7-1924 in Milan passed away on 14-2-2019 who had the role of master, marking a decisive turning point in the activity of writer and with gratitude he remembers it by dedicating the aforementioned Award for Silloge Dreams Paintings published in December 2019 Since 10 May 2019 she has written poems in the Opainternational group in Anthology, participated in the Spirit of Nature event with 5 poems included in the anthology 2019 and almost every month in the Archive of poems with 3 poems and biography. She translated some poems of the poet NilavroNill Shoovro from English into Italian. The book of poems Savage Wind of the original in English by the poet Asoke Kumar Mitra was translated and edited by Elisa Mascia with the presentation in Bonefro, Italy. Since February 15, 2020 she is registered with WikiPoesia During the DÍA mundial de la Poesía event she was given a space on Krysol online radio by her director Manuel Antonio Rodriguez Retamal to advertise and promote poetic and literary culture in the world with co-host Mariela Porras Santana in the subsequent program En Alas del Fénix with the undersigned appointed Ambassador of Poetry. Present in many world radio programs in which he recites poems, in La Buhardilla she was a guest presenting biography, poems and "Your poet's dreams". Declaim poems in Rhapsody Radio, on Radio Vision Universal, on Americanvision. She is registered with WikiPoesia. In Poetas del Mundo. Her biography has been published by Mimoza Cobo in Shoqata Letrare - Artistike Prin Muzaka. Since March 2020, Krysol continues online with the selection of many guests poets and artists from the world and has been appointed responsible for the co-conduction of the program to promote culture. It is part of the volunteer project of voice donor "A voice of the dark" and "Theater in the dark" by Pietro La Barbera. Present with the videos: "Naturalness, Italian voice, Love only love, Marenostrum , Marenostrum II" in the channel of En Alas del Fénix and Krysol online radio. From October 2019 she enrolled in the Albap Academy of Art and Poetry where she was nominated Coordinator representing Italy. Present in numerous national and worldwide anthologies and e-books. Present In the magazine and in the new Grihaswamini channel, of the Indian poet La Arpana Sant Singh, with articles and poems. She was named Lady of the Rainbow by Professor Teresa Gentile Ambassador of culture. The poet and writer Elisa Mascia is a new author of Alessandria today by Pier Carlo Lava in the context of an Alexandria development and enhancement plan today the poet and writer Elisa Mascia is a new component of the editorial staff.

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