Sunday, August 1, 2021





Little Birdie


The little birdie cocks her head inquisitively

Her pepper corn sized eyes


It's because she has wings, I think

To take flight at the slightest sign of danger

Hovering around me while the pied cuckoo hunts for her lost mate

Till the wee hours of the morn


Will you befriend me tiny bundle of spunk

And show me where you keep your brave reserves of nerve?

For I often stumble on the cobbled streets of the heart

Falling clumsily on my high heeled feet

More embarrassed than hurt!

Copyright Lily Swarn 23.6.2017



Rickshaw Waale Bhayya


His drop of sweat

dropped with a plop

On the seething earth

The rickshaw

swerved drunkenly

As he lurched in agony

The cramp had clutched

At his calf muscles

In an excruciating vice like grip

The sun was right above

glaring menacingly

Heart hammering

Head reeling

He swooned

In slow motion

Better than in the films

He saw in the dark hovels

Years of pulling a rickshaw

Pedalling on the roads

Of the city of high incomes

He was exhausted today

Not unlike Balraj Sahni

In What was it’s name film ?

Ram Bharose sat in front

Of the Leisure Valley

And dreamed of the

Mahua tree in his yard

He wanted to smell

The arhar dal cooking

On the wood fire

He clapped his tobacco

Between his palms

He missed Aara

Copyright Lily Swarn 21.6. 2019



Little Women

(For baby girls that I know)


A hesitant smile

A blood curdling shriek

That’s what little women do

A peck on the cheek

A breath choking hug

That’s what little women do

A piggy back ride

A princess hair style

That’s what little women do

A petulant pout slipping

An impromptu birthday card

That’s what little women do

A drawing with crayons

A pancake with a face

That’s what little women do


A pilot of a jumbo

A CEO of a company

That’s what little women do

A home maker with a twist

A mother multi tasking

That’s what little women do

A beloved to be cherished

A daughter who is caring

That’s what little women do

A friend with open arms

A secret advisory body

That’s what little women do

Copyright Lily Swarn 20.6.2021




LILY SWARN: A multilingual poet, author, columnist is a gold medalist and university colour holder for Best Actress and Histrionics .A radio show host ,motivational speaker and a college lecturer .Her book ,A Trellis of Ecstasy ( Poetry)was called a veritable delight by The Journal of Commonwealth literature in London and was applauded by the Chief Minister Punjab .The Gypsy Trail ,( novel) launched by His Excellency, the Governor of Punjab and Lilies of the Valley (essays)are highly appreciated . History on My Plate  got rave reviews and love from readers . She has won over 50 international and national awards like the Reuel International Prize for Poetry 2016, Global Icon of Peace ,Sahitya Rattan, Gujarat Sahitya Akademi Award ,Master of Creative Impulse and Sarojini Naidu Award., Kairat Duissenov medal for poetic excellence,An Icon award on Chandigarh Establishment Day ,World Poetic Star, International Volunteerism Award 2020 for her humanitarian contribution towards fight against Covid 19, Certificate of Gratitude from Pinkishe Foundation for service for marginalised and underprivileged women and girls, Cesar Vallejo 2020 by UHE , the largest Spanish writers union for the most outstanding of 2020 in literaria , India . Order of Shakespeare Medal 2021 is her recent recognition by the literary world. Lily’s poetry has been translated into 16 European and Asian languages and her Urdu ghazals sung by mellifluous voices  .Her writings feature in international poetry anthologies all over the globe. She is a Peace and Humanity ambassador for institutions in Ghana and Morocco and was recently awarded the title of International Ambassador of Peace by World Literary Forum for Peace and Human Rights and one  among 20 poets awarded by UHE , Peru ,South America A La Exelencia Literaria Inspiring Women’s  award by Mexico n Morocco , WOmen Empowered Diva of the World and featured as one of the 25 Women of Excellence worldwide .Golden Eagle Award for Literary Excellence 2021 by UHE  She believes her success comes with the blessings of her young son who is in heaven after a battle with cancer .

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