Sunday, August 1, 2021






Lost ripple

in the glance,

inscriptions of the invisible

fall to the bottom of the dream,

badges from another time.


Fleeting wings dance away

among the branches,

every move

evaporates at the instant bonfire.


From afar the rumor of our steps

besieges the pond and its jade stillness.


Untouched blackness of shadows.


A last silent walks burning the darkness


Quartz of light

crossing a splendor of clouds,

reverberates in silent waters.


The Deep Sky

it’s an impassive crow’s song.


To dream

dissolved light:





The night goes through us

in the deepest,

avid snake that penetrates

the cleft of dreams.


We pretend to sleep

as impenetrable

crystal spheres


The earth does not comfort

just throw off its dark and rough




wind towers







Glass Road


Memorable birds

in grottoes of silences

and paths traced in time.


Still raining outside

in the dark soul of the jungles,

in the forgotten spirit basin:

island of torn solitudes


on the bare feet of the beggar,

in the yards of that house

packed with ruined objects.


The fine moisture dissipates the pores

barely breathable from things,

of experiences and words ever drawn

on stones and silenced logs.


Flood of thoughts that clutter my mind,

cold shadows slide in shallow stillness of the dawn.




Thick lethargy the afternoon outbreak,

bright opening consumes

the pulsation of life itself.


I overflow,

I spill in the undeniable

breaking of the moment.


Slightness of time in time.

And your voice

and your presence is rain.

Endless cliff of rhythms.


Butterfly wings:

flower over the waters of the pond,

clouds, leafless puffs,

birds that migrate cycles.


And where do I go? And you?

Since eternity names flutter

to strips of oblivion.

And your light kisses they fork the dawn,

your love in the crack

deeper of my thinking

doves in the dream, inside bell towers,

among the hidden branches of the gloom.

Mineral tear,

dark memory sore.




MARLENE PASINI: Mexico. Communicologist, writer, visual artist. Mexican cultural ambassador to Morocco (IFCH), director of the Arab network in Morocco (IFCH) and cultural adviser to the Cairo cultural forum, psychotherapist, , life and transpersonal education coach, mindfulness coach and Meditation, Master in Literature, Diploma in History, Diploma in Egyptology and Hieroglyphs, Specialist in Ancient and Mystical Wisdom. He has published 14 books of poetry, essays, novels, and personal and spiritual development. Translated into french, english, portuguese, italian, kanada, hebrew, russian, serbio and arabic. Awards: Awards for his poems in Mexico and Argentina. Diamond Star Distinction for his career in Letters, by the International Circle of Journalists. Iberoamerican Literature Prize by the Fundación Liderazgo Hoy A.C. Recognition of Mexican Letters by the Academy of Literature and Poetry. International Immortal Award for his entire professional career. Certified by the International Forum of Creativity and Humanity of Morocco, for the contribution to humanity. Recognition as a Prominent Public Figure by the International Forum of Creativity and Humanity of Morocco for the contribution to humanity. Certified for Excellence in its humanitarian, cultural and creative efforts by the International Forum of Creativity and Humanity of Morocco. Honorary Doctorate, International Forum of Creativity and Humanity of Morocco. Web:

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