Sunday, August 1, 2021





A gentle tap on my windowpane woke me up

I enjoyed its rhythm and on purpose I delayed

meeting it to lengthen its stay

It tried once again, the window shook in a sway

Inside I felt pain! who knows it might be in a hurry!

It might go and I might feel sorry!

For not knowing the guest!

But guests phone, knock or ring the doorbell!

Towns have rules, no need to tell.

Only the intimate come to your window

holding secrets, whispering so low

Open, we come from years ago!

I inhaled nostalgia

Between the mountain and the hill

Within the vast space and time

I saw myself standing still

enjoying the breeze caressing my eyelashes

The wind transporting my fringe somewhere

And letting nature comb my hair

Oh, God! how generous YOU are!

You heal me for free with such a puff of pure air

Herb scents doused me to the core

watered with crystal dew, fed on nature bounties

what do I need more?

But I yearned for the town and its glow

Here I am dwelling on the sixth floor

In a flat of sixty-meter square

Back to my messy room

I opened the window for some fresh air

for some warmth from sun rays

before the neighbor put that huge curtain

and got hold of everything

Here, I learned to steal my share

for in towns, the sun

can forget your place and where you are!

vertical constructions are but cages suspended in the air

even plants missed a trustful shoulder

to cry on and whisper

"where are poppies, where are daisies

we are but part of the hanged forlorn bed flowers

chained in balconies,

listening to city life stories!

Gigi Mejri ©





After an imposed seclusion

I badly missed an aimless tour in the Avenue

I broke the shackles of fear and got out of my shell

To find myself within a compartment of masks

Fists and elbows for greeting,

eyes took over face tasks!

Narrowed, widened, half-opened, half-shut

the interpretation is for us

just like the story of the glass

Sometimes one eye sends a wink

to say that there is still a link

I got off the train and followed the rush

Then found myself a place

to contemplate passers-by and study the case

The town has changed and so have manners

I saw a line of beggers

holding out their hands for alms

curved palms begging for coins

I fumbled in my bag for change

To give each a bit and try to be fair

One of them said" do not worry! we are a team

by the end of the day, everyone will get a share"

I admired the progress my country made

In equal opportunities for all

I moved on and felt something abnormal

The way of walking:

Maybe the defect is in me

After months of confinement.

I saw people kicking their steps

I searched for a ball but saw nothing

Each person was a ball of nerves dribbling

I started trotting, then felt like galloping

I lost control over my reins

And discovered I was behaving like an animal

then decided to go back to my dwelling

Before I call it a stable or a dog kennel

I understood how fear from

the virus changed the lives

how apprehension increased the tension

And resumed my prayers

for the end of the pandemic

Gigi Mejri ©



Flowers Exodus


Wild-flowers spread the word to depart

What might have pushed them to that?

Jealousy, perhaps from garden roses

Or a secret plot, a sort of conspiracy maybe

They left the field plain, with no décor

In a state of dumb bewilderment

A poppy happened to have grown

around the stalk of an ear of wheat,

Before detaching itself to join the flock

The red poppy kissed the wheat and whispered

We decided to migrate to a place

Where people wear a smiling face

To celebrate Spring

Where flowers tickle the emotions

And get a response from eyes and hands

Farewell, my dear! we decided to leave

We have become strangers here

Our lovers lost courtesy!

Beauty can neither marry neglect

Nor can it live with a defect!

Many times we've been trodden

Snatched then thrown

How can feelings be walked on?

We'll find refuge on top of mountains

We'll scatter our seeds with the wind

And whirl and whirl on the beats

Of Dervishes' hearts worshipping

The heights, leaving the earth

For hooves and feet to stamp

We are but feelings

And feelings are not to be walked on.

Gigi Mejri ©



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