Sunday, August 1, 2021




The Ink

I  made the ink drop

from my desk

one day

and the teacher hard hit

with a wand my hand

she could teach me instead

how to lift the bottle

and instead how to place it 

In the right place


Wounded and peeved

I didn't shed a tear

and in silence I stayed

until the sound of the school bell


Back home

I told my mom

that one day

I would have been a teacher but

fair and good



A Battlefield


You can't kick Love

out of your life

say it goodbye

or throw it away

for fear it can hurt

make you suffer

your heart beat faster


You can even try

to get rid of it

to soon get the knowledge

of how stubborn it is

just turn your face around

and it is still there

to give you good mornings

and kiss you good nights


Love a tireless fighter

declares war on reason

that focusing on logic

plans defence strategies

confident to be the winner

innocent as it is

on emotions and feelings


A huge fight begins

an elephant against a bird

that can even harass

as mosquitoes in summer or

bees sucking nectar

from flowers


And you on the meanwhile

a spectator

your heart a battlefield.


And You Will Have Not Understood


You arrive taking with you

All the secrets of the long journey

For months in a womb

To wait for the moment

Of the cry which says

You did it

You are here

You are


Nothing else will be told to you

You will experience it on your skin

On your body

In your mind

You will go across the winds

That will make you falter

Fall and maybe rise again


And the end will come

And you will not have understood



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