Tuesday, November 1, 2016




You're immanent in me
You're breathe of my breathe
And soul of my being
From the day of my birth
You're my convoy when I travers
Like an exemplar
Reminds me what I should do next
You grew in me hopes & dreams
You cared to smile for my victories
And also wiped my tears
While illluck  befell  me
You healed me with care
When I had no cure or remedy
This orderliness is your gift
For me to fair well in life and career
You made me worthy
Giving vivid tests and trials of life
There is no day without you
I'm too small to gauge you
Your parameters stretch
To  boundless infinity
You're always on your heels
But fly away to far destinations
Leaving your intense trail behind
Of indelible memories in my heart
My friend, I'm lucky to be your part
I adore you, I respect you forever!
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Yesterday is a  history
Tomorrow is a mystery
But today is a boon
And it will be lost soon
Try to achieve what all
You wish and feel
Not missing a single second
Parent  a lovely pond
Of warmth and peace
Taking tips from hardships
Enjoy every moment
To the peak of your reach
Painting smiles to match
The hues of the passing hours
Before this day fades away!
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Fear knocked the door
Faith answered
That no one was there
One should admire
The way it answered
To such a wicked wizard
Who could turn life mad
With it's  terrible threats
It's kinds are many
We often face in this journey
Fear makes one living dead
It's a enemy of mankind
Fear not death
Fear not losing worldly wealth
Stand high with intangible growth
Build up intense faith
That is the right way to breathe
True faith can only answer
And defeat all fatal fears!

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